June 2011 was the warmest in history of meteorological observations in Russia

June-2011 was the warmest in history of meteorological observations in Russia

Moscow, July 8. Heat set a new record in Russia. The hottest summer of the first month in the history of meteorological observations was in June of this year, reports "Interfax". "June 2011 — the hottest in the meteorological record of Russia. Its average temperature is higher than in June last year to 0.2 degrees, "- said the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

This year, the biggest weather anomalies were formed not in European Russia and in Siberia and the Urals in the north, where temperatures exceeded the norm by 6-8 degrees. "In Siberia, the extremely warm spring turned into exceptionally hot summer. This applies particularly to the north. As a result of last June is the hottest in the Siberian Federal District, in the last 121 years, "- said in a statement.

On the European territory of Russia as the temperature exceeded the norm by no more than 2 degrees, which is much less than last year. "In Moscow, the average June temperature — 19.0 degrees, 2.4 degrees above normal. This is 0.2 degrees higher than last year, but 2.4 degrees lower than the record warm June 1999 ", — the weather forecasters.

Conclusions meteorologist experts confirm their colleagues from the center weather "Phobos". They note a large rainfall deficit in the first month of summer. "According to preliminary results in June, the average temperature of 2.4 degrees higher than the climatic norm, but more precipitation deficit — now dropped 39 mm, which is 52% of the monthly norm. If you compare with last June, when the average temperature above the norm of 2.2 degrees, but precipitation was much more than this year — 62 mm, which is 82% of normal, "- said a leading expert" Phobos "Leonid Starkov.


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