Kiev residents attacked strange huge beetles

Kiev in shock — in their homes are faced with strange large insects. They are bigger and cockroaches jump. According to STB, apartments Kiev insects like whether on Chinese crickets, or spiders, crawl out of the vents.

Entomologist, which seemed strange bug, concluded that it is not a spider, not a cockroach and Chinese grasshopper.

It turned out that the strange insect — is a greenhouse grasshopper.

Class of insects. A number of Orthoptera. Family grasshoppers. Into the Wild is called cave, in the city — a hothouse. Its habitat — tropical Asia and the Far East. In Ukraine, too deep. Mainly in the Crimea. In towns settled in the sewers and ventilation shafts, because it's warm and there's something to make money.

Entomologist says: no threat, except fear, the people of Kiev greenhouse grasshopper does not carry.

The rapid increase in population due to the warm winter entomologist. And the second reason: in the sewers, which must flow only rain water and underground rivers are increasingly flowing feces — food for the grasshoppers. Them in most any organic.

The same opinion and diggers. Say, the recent significant increase in the number of illegal taps. This is the waste of life in order to save, no permits or simply wrong not sent down the drain and into the sewers.

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