Kirov sensation: UFO over the city (photo)


Unusual natural phenomenon observed today around eight in the morning over the city of Leningrad Kirov region. Almost in the clear sky in the absence of rain there were four small, randomly placed rainbow.

As BelTA
Press Secretary, Office of Defense "Kirov district of Leningrad region" Elena Loginova, the brightest of them — like the hung directly over the administration building, was "overthrown" — that is, the line was half-rings parallel to the ground. On top of that there was still a funny optical effect of the sun on the left (looking at the administration building) "educated" the second light. In this case, the pale crescent melted at some distance to the right.

This fact has caused considerable excitement among administration officials. Many have observed an interesting phenomenon of the windows, and some have tried to capture the play of nature on camera. The only pity is that the camera, especially induced against the sun, can not fully convey an unusual picture, appeared today before the eyes of kirovchan.

PS A little later, when considering the images under the brightest rainbow was seen strange black spot, which is in many pictures, but it was not visible when taking pictures. And when one of the employees Kirovskory administration brought your photos (photos 3 and 4 — Ed.), Made on a mobile phone five minutes later, it became clear what kind of stain.

Photos sent by Elena Loginova:





Note that this morning in the skies over St. Petersburg was also observed a very unusual phenomenon.

As a reader writes «47News» Anton Nikulenkov, 6.30 in the morning the sun was shining bright. On the horizontal poles of the sun at a distance could see the field with a very clear and distinct interference pattern. Artifacts were very intense (had squeezes his eyes shut eyes), and create a sense that they had their own source of light (apart from the sun).

In one picture, the overall situation of the scheme. And two other images — photos of artifacts:






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