Krasnoyarsk motoekstremaly not give bears sleep

Fans of ATVs and other motor in the Krasnoyarsk region and even frightening wake bears that began lie dormant, according to the website of the Association of reserves and national parks in the Altai-Sayan ecoregion.

Environmentalists say that usually by 14 October bears lie dormant. This month is the most important period for the bears, and at this time it is better not to bother.

From 12 to 14 October fell to about 20 centimeters of snow, and, according to experts, it is ideal for the hunter to lie dormant. However, the concern on the part of human rights, especially motorcycle, can significantly affect the behavior of animals.

"Last Sunday at kvadrotsiklisty Torgashinskom awakened Bear Ridge, and the whole day was staggering the dachas" lights-1 "and scaring people. Two bear disturbed" katalschikami ", according to the observations of our state inspectors and heels, recently switched from Torgashinki on the reserve "Pillars." buffer zone of the reserve, including Torgashinsky ridge areas nomads log and the Black hills, the southern slopes Bazaikha, owners are increasingly being used ATVs, snowmobiles, "- said a senior state inspector" Pillars "Gennady Kvitkevich.

Scientists do not exclude the possibility that disturbed animals may change behavior and attack humans.

"So, a small population of bears in the buffer zone of the reserve, the Torgashinskom ridge, is particularly vulnerable to anthropogenic impact, noise factor, as is the motorcycle. ATVs are increasingly afraid of animals, predator behavior changes. This does not exclude disturbed by clashes between beast and man," — says Senior Fellow Vladimir Kozhechkin reserve.

According to the report, state inspectorate reserve "Pillars" to prepare an appeal to the Office for the Supervision of the technical state of self-propelled and other equipment at the Krasnoyarsk Territory inspections in the area of unregistered motor vehicles.

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