Kryon about processes in 2012

Here at the end I wanted to tell you about the 2012th year.

We have planned to spend with Lightworkers permanent job in the 2012th year. And more intense than the one we had in previous years. I'm not going to surprise you by saying that before each event, but advance will give you detailed information about the domestic content for the event, so you can navigate and correctly to see how you can work, participate in the preparation for these events, or work directly at the respective dates. I know that sitting here a lot of people who carry out such work. So be careful and go this year in an active condition.

And you can not come up with the best and to safely survive the year. You say, Kryon says it all very well, caresses the ear, but does not say anything that can go bad on the planet. Of course, I will not hide from you that was in 2011 and in 2010 th. Year 2012 — is a crucial moment in the life of the planet, in the restructuring of the entire planet's structure, which we shall see again and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. There are other possible disasters that you have seen in the past years, but I do not want you to scare them. You need to know why they happen — we talked about this many times.

And, if you are diligently working in the right direction from one important point of 2012 to another point, you mitigate the impact of disasters. And in your power to harmonize the work of the elements. Remember, last year we appeal to you, to so many groups applied to harmonize the work of planetary volcanism. And they said that in the world there is a fiery chain of volcanoes that always comes to life when you should take some drastic planetary changes. That was the danger — that will involve all the volcanoes at once. Yes, then the world situation changes very rapidly, and then would come the three days of darkness, which you mentioned a long time ago. But you worked and we told you with great pleasure that the work of volcanoes harmonize so that they do not explode all at once.

Yes, they will act, but to act in a certain order. And you know that this work can be harmonized. So my recommendation, Kryon: still work with the elements. This is very important. Elements you need to see in co-creators of the New Planet. Because they do not intend to engage in the destruction of the planet, it's not their goal in their plans, and in their program. No, they do what they need to do to planetary changes. Without them, you will not manage. Well, what do you think, if I Crystalline Grid of the planet, is quite different, so we need some action elements in this direction?

They are manifested in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. Where there are, say, underwater eruption or earthquake, there may be a tsunami wave. These mechanisms are very well known to you. But all could be harmonized and brought to some optimum, which will not destroy the planet and will not bring much damage and will not lead to many victims of people. As for the care of people with physical plane, I again want to tell you, and ask you: please consult these souls when they leave, and help them move. Now and we are helping to make the transition very quickly if people for some reason left the body on the physical plane, and forced to leave. But I will tell you both what you probably do not know. We help many of them to ascend without a physical body, but still hold the Ascension. And this too is extremely important.

Why would occasionally express intention that the soul, leaving in accidents, disasters, rising, not just left the earth plane through the concept that you have There is — death. This is — a big difference, my dear angels. Thus, we are still working in the 2012th year.
What I would also like to tell you about 2012 and about the work that must necessarily take place this year? Or at least you should know about them.

You and I talked a lot the last few years about how to activate the Atlantic Master Crystals. We have explained to you that it is for the Crystals. We have explained how they worked in Atlantis, which were and why they were put in an inactive state and buried so that none of the people could not find them and try to activate. All of this has already been explained. The crystals are now returning. I want to emphasize that it was the Temple crystals, ie they were real crystals. But really want to ask you, you give your mind set to understand that the word "crystal" is not always necessary to put the meaning of the dense body. Here it is extremely important to understand. And when we told you about building the Crystalline Grid of the Planet — it does not mean that we are talking about solid matter. I am with you talked about this here, in this room, too, spoke.

This is, basically, a light structure — crystal structure. Of course, there will be dense fraction, of course, but in general, the light. And when we talk about the crystals, but the crystals now you're talking a lot, it does not mean that we are only talking about crystals, which have a dense body, a configuration, a face or some other form, and that you are accustomed to at least, can be explained. And now I want to tell you that the work does not end with crystals 2012, the year. Works on activation Atlantic Master Crystals. And she, the activation of which is from 2008, the year will gradually pave the way for the activation of other crystals, no activation and action, and then work your planet which can not become a planet of Light.

And now let's talk about what has already been started in the 2011th year. In 2011, the year we gave you the information that on Earth, not in the thick of her body, I'm talking in general about the planet Earth with all its dimensions, there are other crystals, which were called Lemurian Crystals. And it's not crystals, similar to the Atlantic Master Crystals. More than 28 thousand years ago from Sirius and some other star systems, but mainly from Sirius, arrived people — people crystalline Sirius.

They came especially to be here with you in the final stages of your experiment. But they have made this decision together with those who led the Lemurian civilization at the time. They have decided that they will enter into a state Somadhi and remain there until the moment when they will need help earthlings and the planet, of course. And now is the time comes. We will gradually give knowledge about these siriusno crystalline people who are on the planet, and that you have to activate them, but you can even say just revive, because talking about people. And the fact that they will be able to help you start the new era that you saw in that short meditation, which together with Kryon had when you took part, modeled Galactic Alignment. possibility, as would

Thus, this year's work will continue to gather information, how do you want to activate Siriusnyh Crystal People. Their 32 — in the eastern hemisphere, and 16 — in the western hemisphere. Therefore, this work is divided between the two groups. But in general, of course, it is led by the Forces of Light. And I must tell you that this is an extremely important job. Activation Atlantic Master Crystals will fail basis for the work, which also was to revitalize Siriusnyh Crystals.

Because when all the Atlantic Master Crystals in the composition of the Earth and earn even less than full capacity, they will provide the foundation to which you are lacking in order to revive these crystals. But everything — your time and you will make it in time, of course. Because in the future, they revived in the future — they are with you. It is these people Siriusnye Crystal help you after his recovery to prepare for Ascension.

Among them there are those who have experienced the Ascension on other planets and in other worlds, have experience, but you — not so simple, my angels. I last spoke to you of you have a lot of people who, even being on this earth, growing here, and passed many times and civilization are not always left the earthly plane through dying. Very many were offered up — when the body when no body. You get used to it already, my dear Angela, that you — great experience. You do not re-learn everything, you just remember. So — remember, this is useful to you soon.

And now I want to go back to 2012, the year. I told you about the remarkable points of this year — the solar-lunar eclipses, the transit of Venus, the solstices and equinoxes. But I want you to add a very interesting information for those points. I want to show you how Space works efficiently when there is one goal, in this case — the Earth, and become a planet of Light, to build a new structure and to be able to ascend and ascend to allow all forms of life, including humans.

And now, my contact information, probably soon realize astrologers. But to understand the audience, I want to give some explanation. When you see the planet in the Solar System in its starry sky, you can see the motion of the planet in a certain direction, including the signs of the zodiac. But here there are times when it seems — the planet has stopped, and then went back. In fact, this is not, so it seems the earthly observer. Here is the "back", this is the retrograde motion of the planet — it has always been very important to the people. Because at that time the world affect you quite differently. Why I started a little lesson on astrology? I just want to draw your attention to the fact that all the most important dates of which I am called to take place on the retrograde movement are very important for Earth-like planets — Mercury, Mars and Venus.

And even if we take the point of summer in May and June, the solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, the transit of Venus herself and then — the summer solstice — they will pass on the retrograde movement of Venus. What does that mean? Why Kryon tells you that despite the fact that there are many people involved in astrology and astronomy? Just at that moment the planet is highly working on his spiritual level. So, all its promises, all the information that it will give to the earth, will go to the level of spiritual promises, it is — spiritual information, this new program of spiritual development of the Earth and humans. And this is extremely important.

Those who own these techniques, look at home — it's very interesting. This is — most distinguishing feature of 2012, when major changes will occur in the retrograde movement that's such an important planet to Earth — Mercury, Venus and Mars. I want to tell you, my dear angels we have with you, there is very little time to prepare for this important point.

Well, March is near. And, I think you have matured idea of how you should behave in March. But then like a long stretch until May-June. And I would love to those 4-point, and then to the 4 autumn-winter you prepared with proper care. This is very important. Soak up the knowledge that the year 2012 — a truly remarkable year. This is the year of completion of your experiment, your old experience. You wanted him, to this year, you are aiming for.

So I called him, and year of your dreams. Unless I'm wrong, please tell me. Finally, we come to this year. All of us, not just you. And may come to pass that intended. And if you can do more, and it is always possible, it will be fine. I want this year to all of you had a wonderful mood. I want you not to respond to the threats and intimidation that comes out of your media, and from the leaders of many countries as well. I want you to not be afraid and such fears, which pumps about what's at the end of 2012 in your world will come to Earth by aliens.

And such intimidation too. And being long arguments about what is the purpose to come aliens. And, of course, if you want to scare you and stop your spiritual development, you say that the aliens can only come to seize the planet. My dear, I want you to deaf ears these intimidation. We all know what kind of tricks and what they are. But I want to tell you more now! I want to tell you that the aliens among you for a long time. What we're talking about? And who is sitting in this room? You people do not know much about her I? Yes sitting there so many people who came here from Sirius, came from the Pleiades, very distant from other stellar worlds. Someone has come a very long time and went to humanity and the Earth complete the era of civilization, and someone came up recently. But you still look the same as people, simply taking the form.

But now, as I have said for a long time, begins to activate your DNA, your deep memory. Memory is not only the embodiment of who you were in the world, but also the memory of who you are, who you really are. And this is extremely important. And now tell me, my dear Angela, you now felt afraid of what you are sitting next to the aliens? I think not. I think you become gay.

Yes, I feel like many smiles. I greet you, the aliens. Therefore carry home ground, ripening blue pearl, this finale of 2012. And you will carry, I'm sure, I know that. You just at the beginning of our meeting, the creators of the universe worked. You worked with the blue gem on Mobius strip your galaxy. And you can see how you can translate it with the outer edge of the tape on the inside. And this is equivalent to what we did to you, modeled Galactic Alignment. You went along with the planet into another space — the space of light. What does that mean? My dear, you've modeled the point on December 21. And that's fine. Earth and brought themselves into a sphere of light, the inner dimension of the Möbius strip.

Well, I think you and I have talked enough about the 2012th year. I would love to have had no fear. You should now be creators, co-creator of the Creator. You have to have all of this possible. We give you a lot of knowledge. We support you. We allow you to continuously spread your wings and give that lift your wings, which allows you to not fall down. You just feel like your wings are disposed of and they begin to plan in light of the rising flows higher and higher and higher. And you are from a height, with light height see how beautiful your planet. Moreover, you can see how in the universe, in your galaxy and solar system are twisted spiral of Light. They twist, they are rhythm aboveground area, they come down to you, they twist you. Spiraling movement of light — it is everywhere. And we are in the universe called "dance in the dance in the dance."
I am Kryon, thank you for our meeting.

Thank you for leaving all earthly cares, come here. And I know that you and I was full of light and love in the family, we will build the New Earth and the New World in 2012 to the year. Why should we wait? We know that in the future — all done. Let's work on that. I go out and my entourage. Family says goodbye to you. But I want you to stay with his higher 'I' and never with them separated.

With love for mankind of the Earth, Kryon.

Our meeting with Kryon completed. But we still have to complete their work. We built the Crystal Light. He shines the light and the love with which you saturate it, family filled. All of your Higher "I" have been with us today. But I think that today was a very high representation, because many in the audience were and helped us to work.
And now we'll finish the work that the mind will start our beautiful crystal light stretch. Let's stretch it to the size of the building. Now stretch to the size of Riga. Now stretch it so that all of Latvia it was removed. And giving Latvia and the light in the crystal, and the flowers of our hearts, and all that we told Kryon. Now continue to stretch the crystal to neighboring countries and beyond. And make it so that our entire planet was inside this crystal. Now fill the crystal and the planet one magic phrase:

Thank you, my dear ones, and for you to come, and for the fact that they worked so well.
Kryon, leaving, said, — "I know who is coming into this room — it comes people who return their skill and their cosmic power. Let them not forget about it in the current routine of days. "
So thank you very much to all of you, do not forget that you are an angel, you are aliens and what you all came here for.
I express my gratitude to the team of Kryon, which prepares each time channel.

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