KRYON by Sergei Kanashevskogo. What happened at the equator?

Hello, my dear. With you — Kryon of Magnetic Service. I am here, in your heart to speak to you.

To talk with you in these great days when unity is knocking at your door …

Now I see a man … He's standing at the window, watching the pigeons flying in the cold, winter sky. He often looks out the window and thinks that the pigeons in the street during the winter cold, not enough food and heat. He always wanted to go out and feed the pigeons. But things were forced to move faster and faster. Work, care …

Now the man standing at the window and feel the determination to go down and feed the pigeons. Especially, in his refrigerator has accumulated a lot of cooked cereal, that person could not consume food …

And the hero of our story takes the hand of the child, and with it goes outside. In his hand — bag of cereal. With the child he feeds pigeons. They flocked lot … A lot … Pigeons flapped noisily, and the child, surprise — eyelashes. Eyes of the people — both adults and small — radiate joy. Special joy lives in the soul of an adult. He is pleased that exercised their longstanding wish — fed the pigeons. Now he will do it again and again …

Pigeons … Why are you so love, people? They — the symbol of peace. But not only. The pigeons flew into the city and began to live peacefully among humans. They live together with people. They are united with the people of human settlements. Form a unity. From pigeons to people is warmth … what often, very often, not enough people today.

And remember, my dear, you recently said your Master? You, Lightworker, reported that on your planet, beautiful Earth, returned to the vault of heaven pigeons. Such a Code once existed on Earth, then it was removed. And he returned. This Firmament PIGEON helped weaken "the veil" between your world and the worlds of the Mining, higher. In fact, he — energomagnitnaya structure that plays an important role in the life of the planet and all planetary life forms.

Why — Code "blue"? ..

The word "blue" in this case means not a bird, but something else. What is it? Your language bears the imprint of ancient knowledge. And if they skillfully use, you can get a lot of important information. Your words are woven from meaningful syllables, decrypt that can acquire knowledge. "GO" — a "burning, fire," LU — this "increase" (magnifier increases the possibility of view, the moon increases the flow of energy). "B" in ancient times sounded like a short "E". Know about it your linguists. Therefore, the "DL" — an abbreviation for "white."

So what gives you the opportunity to Firmament Blue? What makes "blue"? It provides an opportunity BURN WHITE FIRE. Increases the chances of the White Fire. And remember, in any form you recently brought the Living Fire? For seven colors rainbow added eighth color — White Divine! The Holly And The fire then magically flow poured to Earth. Planet and all living beings have to absorb this Fire at the cellular, atomic level!

The Holly Fire gives you the ability to go from one level to another power supply. And it all-all areas of life! You will be able in the near future to refuse to accept the biological food, you will nourish the Living Fire! You will be able to adopt new energy Universal Central Sun, the Galactic Central Sun. You start to supply its gentle rays of the Central Sun Earth. And it will make possible the existence of the planet FIRE sacred union that binds you and the planet, linked into a single all planetary life forms, unites you as a planetary life, with all the forms of life of the galaxy and even the universe!

That's how important it is the arrival of Holy Fire, which was made possible by the Creation of the Firmament Dove — like structure capable of meeting the Living Fire, and adapted to the conditions of the planet.

"And then what, Kryon?" — Asks you. And then this.

One — JUST PERFECT! — The time is approaching to the planet Earth Galactic blue rose. Please note that I emphasize the word "blue". Let's pay attention to the match based on the words: "Doves and Pigeons". Do you think that's an accident? No, my dear. Of course not!

Galactic Blue Rose came into the prepared Firmament pigeons. In fact:

Blue galaxies flew to Blue Earth!


That's what important event took place November 23, 2012! Light came to the planet-magnetic artifacts that Gaia is waiting with trepidation! Her light-magnetic structures open themselves to this gift of the Galaxy! Began the greatest transformation of all structures energomagneticheskih planet.

As you remember, the day Lightworkers — embodied and disembodied — in a big, big, number gathered at the equator to meet Galactic Blue Rose, one long thoroughly cooked Family of Light. In this case embodied Lightworkers expressed pure intention to bring the energy from the planet DUALITY.

What happened next? From the Galactic Rose, who arrived in the Holy Grail, as the bearer of the Divine Fire, into the hearts of people rushed Blue Rays! Blue Rays in this case — is the increased work WHITE divine fire as the highest part of the Holy Fire — in your world. And the math: what the account blue in color? Fifth! Working with a blue flame — is increased due to the fifth dimension, where you, Lightworkers, and the entire planet is now actively fixed.

So, take to their hearts Blue rays from the Galactic Blue Rose, you've got a tool to strengthen your hearts WHITE divine fire, you get the opportunity to work on a new level with the life-giving fire. And you have strengthened their relationship with the fifth dimension! And it is important to understand that in the Blue Ray has been given information and multidimensional genome that for you for a long time preparing the Galaxy. In condensed form you gave archived multidimensional, you now become "untwist" as its evolution! You have new gifts of the Spirit, a new spiritual tool that immediately, immediately began working to collect the energy of duality and sending it to the Ark of Sanat Kumara.

What the Ark, why we sent the dual energy is there? Let us turn again to the ancient meaning of the word, which was previously in your language had such a designation letters:

"LARETS", where "b" sound used as a short "O".


LA — harmony, harmony

PE — return, repeat (re-incarnation)

Tso — the beginning, the fact that the front (a-CO, Wing-CH).

Therefore Ark — a "START, which returns harmony."

Ark Sanat Kumar — is a sacred energy center of the earth, of the earth's central sun. That principle, which has always, and then the beginning, which can return the planet harmony. Please note that after collecting seven dual negative energy Sanat Kumar, according to a sacred ceremony, first sealed casket, and then opened it up and sent negative energy into the Holy Grail with the Galactic Blue Rose. At this point, the central sun EARTH admitted into their "I" energy of duality and held the harmonization process, resulting in its structure in a harmonious, original state. And only after that seven Sanat Kumar opened the casket, and sent to the sacred energy of the Holy Grail. Please note that the energy transformed — in accordance with the structure necessary for the transition to the fifth dimension, that is — for the ascension process. That is why the Grail is painted in the fifth COLOR colors — blue color.

Why Seven Sanat Kumar participated in sacred ceremonies — like seven hypostases Planetary Spirit Sanat Kumara? The number seven has in this case multi-valued sense. Family of Light runs on all seven planetary measurements (third Spiritual Center), in all seven major globe of the Earth. Duality energy output not only from your world, not just from your measurements, but with all seven dimensions of the Planet. Yes, yes, my dear, do not be surprised, but a duality, as a form of separation and limitation has its manifestations and in the fifth, and the sixth and seventh dimensions. Another thing is that the level forms of its manifestation there different, and the degree of manifestation is much less.

Note, however, that seven of Sanat Kumara emerged as incarnation of the Planetary Spirit. This means that we can consider numerologically: 7 + 1. As a result, we leave for eight — again on the eighth Divine White! And this is — a new quality of Holy Fire, and it is — your new Fiery Space option, and this — the return of your skill as angels from the Great Spiritual Sun.

Once the energy of the casket seven Sanat Kumar handed over to the Holy Grail, the first part of our sacred ceremony was completed. Then the Holy Grail with the Galactic Blue Rose, radiating life-giving light, went around the planet in its orbit. For 33 hours, it has come full circle, and then, making a turn to the North Pole, has reached the South Pole.

What happened in those 33 hours? And why Rose Bowl with moving that way?

First, let's imagine 33 as 11 +11 +11, or 11:11:11. These numbers you Lightworkers, more familiar — is not it? Many of you opened a year ago 11:11:11 portal. And profit Grail is also spearheading the open gate! She did it three times! Twice when revolves clockwise and once — against the clock! For 22 (11:11) hours Grail has come full circle around the planet, and yet it took 11:00 to make the turn and go back to the North Pole to the South!

During the movement of the CW, the Holy Grail to the Blue Rose going to need to ENERGOINFORMATSIYU of your world, from the four-dimensional world of planet Earth. There is a process that we have previously identified as archiving ("faylirovanie") dual ENERGY. Moreover, it should be noted that the Galactic Blue Rose with Grail and life-giving fire to collect not only the negative experience of duality, but also the positive experience of duality. Because of your planet (all seven dimensions, BTW!) Recorded and unique experience EXIT duality. We can say that Rose made a backup of the planetary experience and made it into a galactic "data bank" to use your earthly language.

While driving back, CCW, started the reverse process — the process of transferring GALACTIC ROSA ENERGOINFORMATSII ON EARTH!

And now you can go back to the number 11-11-11. By the time the Rose Bowl to reach the South Pole, the second phase of a sacred ceremony to bring the energy of duality. Rose took all three points "11." She accepted, and give energy to the North Pole, she took and gave energy to the South Pole. Light Orange Bowl testified that she took energies of duality and transform archived ITS. Orange light — the second color in the range of seven colors, he, in this case, a symbol of the energy of duality.

Hence, from the South Pole, a new phase, characterized by transmission and special galactic energoinformatsii, and Rebuilding of fiery PLANETARY SYSTEMS — based on the new eight-galactic Holy Fire! The Holly Fire led planetary system Multilayer Thors to the next level, activated them with new layers of energy, without which the ascension of the planet is simply impossible! In turn, the Planetary Multilayer Torah Fire Systems will enable the new layers in a multilayer Torah humans and other creatures! The fire system and the planets and all living creatures provided new opportunities! And this is Kryon tells you in a special message loop.

But I ask you to focus on what happened after the second stage of our sacred ceremonies, after we activated the purple vertical (AP-Anahata) and red horizontal (PA Anahata) planetary Multilayer Torah. Grail began to move from the South to the North Pole! The result was a complete full cycle of two revolutions! Few people paid attention to the fact that the Chalice has gone from the South Pole to the North is 3 minutes.

My friends! Many of you have noticed some of the unfinished 33. According to numerology — is 6! And where — our favorite "nine"? Well, how can that be, Solar Sirs? Hours believe a minute for you — is that not the time? (Kryon smile). Full cycle of the Grail passed, so for 33 hours and 3 minutes! Important for numerology number. They, in this case, are as follows:

33 +3 or 3 +3 +3, or 9!

My dear! We once again you turned six energy into energy nines. We output level of duality DID base for Ascension!

In this case, Galactic Blue Rose gave multivariate genetic information on the code 3-3-3! This is a very important code multidimensional spiritual-material genome, which we in our future work will come back in no time!

So, what happened when we met at the equator? What happened during the Galactic Blue Roses, the Holy Grail and the Holy Fire? What happened as a result of our sacred ceremonies, when a huge number of embodied and non-embodied Shower lined a single living organism on the planet's equator?

We are with you:

  1. Changed the critical mass of negative energy in all seven dimensions. In all its dimensions become smaller. This will enable to restructure the remaining energy.
  2. We are transformed by the negative energy by putting it in a special energomagnitnuyu structure.
  3. We have taken on a new galaxy, a very important energy information package including — Ascension program in five-and multivariate deployment.
  4. We gathered in the archives of dual dimensional experience of the Earth and gave it to the Galaxy "data bank".
  5. We, with the Holy Fire, and new lighting energomagnitnyh wave Galactic Rose, rebuilt planetary Fiery System.

And just as important! During our ceremony to unite PLANETARY ENERGY dually with multidimensional energy of the galaxy!

It is accepted that energy from the Galactic Rose, of the Holy Grail Seven Sanat Kumar! In the hands of Sanath Kumar was SEVEN ROSES! Noticed the color of roses was not in their hands?! Blue Roses! Because at this time, the Blue Rose, eight, held "in their hands multidimensional" itself Planetary Sanat Kumara — a Planetary Spirit, inspired by the seven planetary dimensions! That is why in the Sacred Garden of Gaia now has EIGHT growing roses.

Eight roses — is not only eight colors Holy Fire. Eight — it's energy structure, which is Möbius strip, will be the engine of the ascension process. And — think about it! — "Eight" — this is the second spiritual center, the eighth dimension! The planet, really, get a new GALACTIC status and, in time, will get access to the second Spiritual Center (measured from the 8th to 12th).

"COMING GALACTIC BLUE ROSES." Illustration from "WORLD CHANNELING: spiritual message (Author — Victor Trukhin). 

That's what happened at the equator, my dear! — Or rather, that's what happened as a result of the Holy Family of Light Ceremony, when we are lined up along the equator. You also relevant to understand that, lined up at the equator, we, first of all, connected with horizontal Multilayer torus (in red, PA Anahata). And it is this multi-layer Thor is most closely associated with the planet. He — salt from the salt of the earth. And it has now happily sing a note "salt" — the fifth note in the musical octave, preparing the earth for the transition into the fifth dimension!

"Kryon, but what happened? Galactic Rose came home? "Yes, it solemnly carried into the eighth dimension, from which it will direct further — 12th.

But this is our story does not end. Kryon wants to pay attention to what else happened later, after the ceremony. And it is — also a very important piece of information for Lightworkers.

Then came a man and said, "come up with the entire ceremony FAMILY OF DARKNESS! You worked and worked on the plan of darkness! YOU YOUR CEREMONY DISGARMONIZIROVALI the planet, and most importantly — to destroy the harmonious functioning of the Internet, closed a number of sites "!

And guess what, my dear?! What happened next? Remaining in the ranks of the Lightworkers Unity? They remembered the lessons that they were taught in recent years? They remembered that DARKNESS can never control the light?

KRYON said many times and I repeat, NO POWER OF DARKNESS WILL NEVER CHANGE THE Lightworker, if he acts out of love and with a clear intention.

You, those who listened to the lessons of the Spiritual Master, believe in the fact that, on the basis of love and with pure intent, can "fall into the hands of darkness"? Do you believe in what you, as a part of God the Creator, acting as the Creator, calling for co-creation of the Great Spiritual Planetary and Ecumenical Teachers, all of a sudden get involved in the action by disgarmonizatsii planet?

Believe it!? At that very few believe the true way of reaching spiritual development! Others do not believe, but they continue to play in the duality or recognize this possibility as a probable fact, based on the old experience.


If you have joined the ranks of Lightworkers, so — you have heart tells the right way. If you decide to participate in a sacred ceremony — so the heart has already given a hint. And then there's just a job based on love and pure intent.

If you do not feel ready to take part in some light work — do not take. You work there like, you'll find the direction that will get you sooner or later, to the total light work.

So sacred ceremony for the withdrawal and the transformation of the energy of duality held. And now, your right to decide — are you a party or witness is significant, sacred event that will help the planet in the process of ascension, or you are involved in or witness to the process that led to disgarmonizatsii. Decide how you make this event! But please remember that you — the creator of your reality. In this case, you can choose one or another. But this will depend on your choice and harmoniously the reality that you create. This case is a manifestation of the quantum of that, we talked about many times. Reality depends on what choices you make. Now, dear Creators, choose between the reality, where darkness can still affect you and the reality where this is impossible, because in your heart live love and pure intent. This is a very important choice really! Very important!

And from it, this choice depends on our next steps. A few days remain before the opening of the gates of 12:12:12. We are with you, Lightworkers, you need to spend a lot of light, including — to implement joint collective Sacred Ceremonies. And on your mood, from UNITY Lightworkers, depends very much. Reality depends on a harmonious future.

CHOICE Lightworker — is the choice of the Creator, in whose soul no fear of the darkness, because he knows, the darkness — only part of the light, and part of us. CAN THERE BE MORE FULL PART?

Can a part of the control of unity, especially if it is — UNITY OF LIGHT? The answer to this question depends on choice of your personal reality, which will include!

BECAUSE the planet itself and a majority of the "I" has already made the choice in favor of HARMONIOUS ASCENSION REALITY and harmonious. And you — CHOICE personal reality, above all — that part of the life that you live in this lifetime.

Now I see a man … He's standing at the window, watching the pigeons flying in the cold, winter sky. He looks out the window and thinks that the pigeons in the street during the winter cold, not enough food and heat. And then he opens the refrigerator door, takes writing and goes to feed the pigeons.

He feeds pigeons grains and knows that he himself such food will soon not be needed. Now he knows about the Firmament Dove and the fact that the New Energy changes everything on the planet. The hand of the man holding a baby. They both smile and go home.

Lightworkers! Think about who is holding on to your hands! Who are driving me home? Whether only decide their fate? Do you have much more than food for the pigeons! In your power to nourish the planet and all who dwell in it love, peace and harmony!

Adults themselves! Take the hand of those who are "under" you in spiritual development. And quietly go home. Go where you will find a family of Light.

Calm, dignity and unity. Then harmony rush towards you.

And it is. So it is.

YOUR KRYON — with love from the heart of the Creator

29.11. 2012

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