Lake Chebarkul attacked hordes of flies

Lake Chebarkul attacked hordes of flies

Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk Region, August 19 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — Chebarkul region is suffering from an unprecedented invasion of flies.

As the correspondent of "New Region", Chebarkul residents appealed to the local administration with complaints of a strange phenomenon. The mayor held a meeting with representatives of Rospotrebnadzor, veterinary station, Department of Environment UZHKH. Also here was invited director of poultry CJSC "Chebarkul bird." According to experts, apart from the weather, the flash can be triggered by improper execution of the necessary processes in the enterprise. Commission examination revealed a huge accumulation of flies on pometohranilische enterprise. According to employees of regulatory bodies, technological conditions for poultry manure disposal are not met.

The company's management has promised that the factory will increase the concentration and frequency of treatment pometohranilischa. If measures are not taken, the authorities threatened to impose administrative penalties and appeal to the Federal Service and Rosprirodnadzor.

Meanwhile, residents are dissatisfied with the administration of such a reaction to what is happening. According to them, from the insect can not hide: people buy repellents, adhesive tapes, fumigators, fly swatter and mosquito nets.

In this case, the warning signs are already coming from other communities, including those of Miass. Invasion of flies noted in the upper village of carp, as well as in the resort area Chebarkulsky district. Holidaymakers on the lakes and Chebarkul Kisegach say that such a large number of flies have never seen. One family after returning from a lake infected with a strange infection, which, however, may not be associated with insects.

"A week ago vacationing with family and friends at Lake Kisegach (sanatorium" Rock "and" Kisegach ") is simply not comprehensible to the mind! A disaster! Such an invasion of annoying flies and biting on the beach and in the shops, and buildings! Any natural disaster!. Thank God, these anomalies in Chelyabinsk no ", — said the Internet resident Chebarkul.

"Please note that the invasion of flies observed not only in the city of Chebarkul, but in Chebarkul area. Were at a party last week, about 30 kilometers from Chebarkul — is the first time we see the invasion of flies, is unbearable, do not help any remedies can not be on the street "- note chebarkultsy.

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