Largest garbage dump Maldives island is full and closed for spring cleaning

Artificial Maldivian island Tilafushi known as "garbage island" was so crowded household waste that waste began to pollute the sea. In this situation, the government of this small island nation has been forced to temporarily disable this garbage in specially designed for this island and announce spring cleaning on this unusual landfills. This was recently told the Russian service of BBC.

Not all the Maldivian islands are famous for white sand beaches and turquoise waters … So, for example, on the island Tilafushi you will not find anything like it. Tilafushi — an artificial island located just seven kilometers from the capital city of Male. On this island, housed one of the largest landfills in the country. Maldivian luxury hotels are the main suppliers of household waste on Tilafushi. For his lifetime of island dump accumulated so much waste that is no longer able to accept waste from nearby islands. Moreover, waste from the island-landfill was polluting perfectly clean sea, and over the island itself is constantly hanging cloud of smog and soars odor.

In addition, the local landfill island chosen Bangladeshis who come here specifically to rummage in garbage heaps and look what else you can use for personal purposes or to sell on the market.

Environmentalists blame of the situation unfair hotels that send garbage to the dump, the island in the same container without pre-sorting. Although all incoming waste sharps must be pre-ordered for disposal or recycling. Ugly act and some boaters that unwillingness to wait in line to the island, just take off the dump waste near the island in the open sea …

Currently shipping dock for debris from remote resort islands close to work will only dock to receive waste from the capital.

Now the agency to protect the environment of Maldives shall take immediate measures to stabilize the situation in order to prevent the development of a garbage crisis. In particular, the island is for disposal of waste disposal, as well as amendments to the regulation on waste incineration (ban on the burning of garbage in the open air).

Meanwhile, local conservationists and environmental accused Maldivian authorities in slowness and delaying plans to build a recycling plant. Environmentalists point out that now more than ever is the problem of toxic substances into the sea …

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