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Is just a few days before 21/12/12! So what is it all the same? A certain fateful date? Day global catastrophe? Day mass "Ascension"? Or just a normal calendar date, which set? Let us once again try to figure out, but apparently for the last, because everything will be solved one way or another this week, and we will see the end of it and experiencing "something", but what?. general, what is the "transition", and where it takes place? And what connection he has with " Ascension "?

There is a strong opinion that since 1986 the vibration of the Earth began to rise and the beginning of a global transformation from childhood that we knew of the world, both physical and psihicheskogo.Povyshenie vibration leads to the growth of consciousness and a certain mutation of all living beings on Zemle.No not only them, but and the planet, which, as is well known, is also the essence of vysokorazumnoy and converted with nami.Vot this conversion process is called the "transition." In humans it appears in the form of new DNA, opening the chakras, the formation of new bodies, in addition to familiar and well-known physical, etheric, astral and mental.

Earth itself is also transforming its image, which can (in theory)
alter our usual continents, seas and oceans, and the radical transformation of the planet's surface. All this is more or less known, and no one has no particular objection vyzyvaet.Spory and even violent start in determining the terms of the "transition." Some people say that everything happens almost instantly as soon as sroki.Drugie advocate the view that the duration of the "transition" is undefined and that it can take quite a long time, even up to a thousand years!

That's where the notion of a "Resurrection" … The majority of humanity to any of the "transition" and the more "Rapture" and nowhere near ready! Moreover, polls show only 10% of the world at least to some extent a myself that proiskhodit.No among them mainly is panic and excessive expectations of various katastrof.I indeed, if "transition"
happen as soon as possible, it can be killed by one to two thirds chelovechestva.Koshmarny script! And it has prevailed long enough vremya.No why, and who his "run" and how
Here are pieces of a curious dialogue, which occurred a few months ago:
A: Warning: you have almost zero understanding of the situation … You do not perceive reality as it is, and do not have the ability to assess what is perceived …

Q: What could be a sentence or a keyword about 2012?
A: The revolution!-Q: In other words, they will try to use the 2012 to impose a complete totalitarian control on the planet, but they do not get the reaction they expect. So? — A: Yes!
(Q): We were told that when they do this, they are trying to drive people crazy, "end of the world", so they can impose more control. About it? — A: Yes.

Q: And this is — what this whole trick 2012 "end of the world"? This is an attempt to get people to act like as if was the end of the world, the authorities could not say, "You're all crazy! You need to protect yourself from, We will do it, so we'll lock all the people!" and all that? — A: Yes.! << NO COMMENT >>
Here is another piece of the "conversation" that there was no less — 14 years ago:
A: Project HAARP is mind control. They hope that he can be successful in the 4th density as well! ….
— Q: Have we not been told that when the transition happens, those who have to go to level 4 — pass, and those who do not have — can not pass. And that it — not the physical movement. What we really would not notice the differences, when we moved, because it is already happening (!). And the ones who are going to move, do it on the spot (!), And they simply will not notice the change (!), And it is not the perception, the case of a shift in awareness, because we are still corporeal (!) … I'm moving in the right direction? — A: Variable physicality.

Q: Does it have anything related to the change in the DNA through awareness? — A: Both sides. — Q: So, we observe that we can control a lot more than we had before in terms of our environment and the physical structure, but we still do many things that we've always done …
As is clear from this "dialogue", the process of "transition" is not started today, and has long been going on! And now in these days of December are expected mass "wave" when the set PREPARED
in that people can not just make a "transition", but also "ascend" to a higher level of reality — even in the 5th 'density'!
And here begin new spory.I they caused mass "advertising" campaign of some forces that through all sorts of "messages" offers everyone quickly and easily "ascend"
either with "ascended masters" or "light room" or
excursions on the spacecraft of the Galactic Federation, as
they themselves nazyvayut.Vy say, "And what is the catch? What is wrong to take someone's help?"
The problem is the price to be paid: for one price is your soul, Let's talk about it.
— So that it is special that even Jesus implored us to preserve it as a great treasure, saying that it is much more valuable than our bodies?

"And do not fear those who kill the body, the soul is not able to kill but rather fear Him who is able both soul and body in hell to ruin." (Mt 10.28) — Note one detail-translation in the Greek capital letters, clearly hinting the fact that there is only one one that can destroy the soul-net.I so it says on any entity able to do it, that is, their multiplicity! So our soul — is the most "dainty" in man for all these creatures, which in various writings persistently called devils and demons! Its ultra-thin energy, as they say, just something "supernatural", the price that we simply do not understand the stupidity! Moreover, the essence of the cosmos, many simply do not have it! And they broke up with her in exchange for eternal life, and we are asked to do the same!
You go into the booth, you lie down on the table, you are surrounded with some cloud …
weird feeling … again comes to life … get up and all-you immortal! 'But the soul in you no more, how and disease, and old age, and emotions, and "stupid" humanism, which only interferes with life, You become "monad"-part of the "Collective Consciousness!" Now you do not have to think, and that on top of your study or work, which will be assigned to you! All you need to know, you'll know instantly, by connecting to the "Central Intelligence" If you follow the orders is not discussed! Discipline is an absolute! Since then all your future life will be associated only with your new family —

"Collective intelligence", what is it, everyone knows the example of an anthill or a beehive!
It should be noted that this mass agitation horribly reminiscent of advertising appeals in the U.S. Army since its transition to a contract sitsemu: "Want to see the world? Writes to the U.S. Army!" And now we are told about the same thing: "Want to see the galaxy and the universe? Talk to us! "Of course, someone can wait forever tired, suffer and suffer and die … reborn … And then an easy decision … Oh well — to each his own! But remember that you are making your choice not for a year or two, but for millions of years and if yielding to the campaign, you will make an easy and painless "jump" to a different density, then there is no turning back if budet.I next 12 million years you will have to work as a driver of the galactic "truck", carrying, for example, the oxygen from Earth to other planets and their satellites, then do not complain — you chose it, you were not forced! decision entirely voluntary!

Here is a short dialogue of the soul:

"-Do you think that the right thing because these souls have gathered and prepared them to be sent to their worlds. And you think it's even a salvation for them. But they do not know it, You do not ask them if they want to are these changes?
— We do not only demand, but also talked to each one individually. They have no one refused our offers. Moreover, they considered themselves elected and won over all the others, which are in the world. We are with them all the conditions stipulated such a move, and they were even afraid then, that we do not take it.
— So you, they still do not say everything that is necessary. After all can not be that they are seeing you for what you have now, would want to be exactly the same!

Of course, we did not talk to them all, but only part of the truth, because if they knew the truth, it would not agree to move their souls to other worlds outside of their evolution. But then, they did not ask us to do this … We do not just take their souls. Many of them demanded from us, then that is very profitable at selling of lyudey.Oni were willing to pay for such information, not only his soul, but the soul of their children …. We enjoyed just such means as the use of your conquering new lands, when they come to the territory of the natives. They give them all sorts of trinkets, and in return receive the most valuable … '
Separate conversation about the "ascended masters" and the "crystalline bodies." "Well, here at all!" — You say — "There can be no catch!." Take your time, and try to understand and to etim.Na fact, become the owner of "crystalline body" is phenomenal, this is a wonderful ! — BUT! — And here is my "but" if you truly spiritually advanced, unless you have a set of high-level mental bodies (they have many names, but some of them and list-"1st mental ,2-s .. ., etc.), then the finding of the "crystalline body"

you become a lifelong employee (if not a slave!) of his
"Ascended masters"! Again, the choice is yours: If you are tired of living your own mind, please, for each ready his "ascended master," Do you say, "What's wrong? After all, they are the same the world!"

Yes, serve! But what? Lucifer, too, "Bearer of Light", but which one?
So what really is this date: 21/12/12? Day mass recruitment of volunteers in Kosmoflot Galactic Federation? Set "galley slaves"? Work dullish, but unemployment does not threaten you … Or is it something else?
And this is the end of the era of darkness and the beginning of the New Age of Reason — the Golden Age! And before humanity a long way to grow your mind and souls, so they began to meet this time and become worthy of it: You should do a lot to fix many bugs make it proshlogo.I We can only united in one huge fraternal family, As Jesus said,-We are all Brothers and Sisters, Let us live in peace, joy and happiness!
Happy New Year and a new epoch! Rejoice!

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