Lebanese Christians massacre in the town of Damour (1976) Islamists of the PLO, Yasser Arafat

Massacre of Lebanese Christians in Damour (1976) Islamists of the PLO, Yasser Arafat

Settlement of the town of Damour — this is just one of the links in the genocide of Christians of Lebanon, performed by local Muslims and Druze, who were later joined by newcomers Palestinian Arabs, and then the pro-Iranian Shiites.

Citizens of the USSR could not find out about it from the Russian press, their country is supported Arafat. The inhabitants of the West is not heard enough about it, because the liberal media is not much interest the torment non-Muslims.

But the revenge of Christians in the Sabra and Shatila know everything. Russian and Western media quickly turned this event into a symbol of the struggle against Israel and the melting of the Christian community in Lebanon.

Damour city located 20 km away. south of Beirut, in Lebanon, in the foothills of the shosee Sidon — Beirut. On the other hand shose — seashores. In the town the population of 25,000 Christians were 5 churches, three chapels, seven schools and one clinic, which served also Muslims from adjoining villages.

Massacre of Lebanese Christians in Damour (1976) Islamists of the PLO, Yasser ArafatJanuary 9, 1976, after a three-day or after prazdnichka Baptism, City priest, Father Labeki, blessed the newest church on the outskirts of town. A shot rang out, the bullet slammed into the wall of the church. Then — machine-gun fire. City was surrounded by the forces of 16,000 Palestinian and Syrian Arabs and fifteen groups of mercenaries from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya.

Father Labeki Muslim sheikh called the district and asked him, as a religious favorite, assist town. "I can not do anything" — he replied: "This is — the Palestinian Arabs. I can not stop them. "

Shooting and shelling lasted the whole day. Father Labeki called political leaders, calling for help. All expressed their sympathy, but states that they can not promote. He called Kemal Dzhamblatu, deputy neighborhood. "Father," — he said: "I can not do anything, everything is dependent on Arafat." He gave Arafat room priest. In dealing with Arafat Labeki father said, "The Palestinians are shelling the city. As a religious favorite, I assure you, we do not want war. "Arafat said," Father, do not worry. We will not cause harm to you. If and destroy the city, it is only for strategic reasons. "

At midnight, the phones were turned off the water and electricity. The invasion began in the morning. The city was defended by a detachment of Christians in a church in the suburbs. Attacking the church, Muslims killed 50 people. The survivors retreated to follow the church. Father Labeki to hear clicks, went outside. He saw the ladies in night shirts, fled with clicks, "They are killing us!"

Massacre of Lebanese Christians in Damour (1976) Islamists of the PLO, Yasser ArafatLabeki Father continues: "In the morning, despite the shelling, I got to the adjacent house. What he saw put me into a nightmare. The whole family was killed by Kenan, four kids mother, father, and grandfather. Mom still obymala 1st of kids. She was pregnant. His eyes were gouged out kids, limbs hacked off. Some of the body with no arms and legs. It was an unbearable sight. I hated the bodies into a truck. I was helped by the only survivor, brother Samir Kenan. He brought me the remains of his brother, father, sister and kids. We buried them in the cemetery, under shell PLO. While we were buried, people brought the corpses collected in the streets.

City tried to defend himself. I beheld a detachment of young men armed with hunting rifles, most of them were no more than sixteen. The inhabitants collected sandbags piled in front of their doors and windows on the first floor. Continuous bombardment led to severe damage. Palestinians blockaded the city, cutting off the supply of food, water cut off and not allowed to take out the wounded reddish Cross. "

January 23, began the final assault. Father Labeki continues: "It was like the Apocalypse. Tyschami They were coming, shouting Allah Akbar! And they killed everyone in its path, guys, ladies, kids …"

Families Christians completely killed in their homes. Many women were raped before death. Rapists do photos that are later offered funds for newspapers. 16 year old survivor Somavia, beheld how destroyed her father and brother being robbed and burned her house as invaders loot collected in trucks.

Massacre of Lebanese Christians in Damour (1976) Islamists of the PLO, Yasser ArafatFather Labeki found the charred bodies of his father and brother in their home, a third-party man if he could not find the bodies belonged to the peasants or the ladies.

In the frenzy of looting, who went beyond the conceivable, Muslims tore the grave, scattering bones of the dead. People tried to escape. Some made their way to the sea. But when it comes to the salvation of the sea is not clear, and the enemy could overtake them at any moment.

Those who did not run away and avoid being shot (in the main, ladies and kids), Palestinians threw into trucks to be sent to Camp Sabra. In this camp, the Palestinians have done jail for people who six years earlier took the Palestinians as refugees after their poor coup in Jordan. Newcomers were pushed into the crowded jail, they slept on the ground, suffering from the winter cold.

After the capture of the town, arafatovtsy executed 20 captured policemen neuspevshee escape civilian population have been built along the wall and rastrely machine gun. Unknown number of women were raped, murdered in the kids at close range, their bodies mutilated and dismembered.

During the 15 years of war, Arafat and the PLO plunged Lebanon into the abyss of violence, bigotry, robbery and murder. Of the 1.2 million Christians (census 1970), more than 40,000 were killed, 100,000 wounded, 5,000 were disabled. Many Christians have had to leave their homeland to escape to the United States and Europe. The Christian population of Lebanon quickly melts. If the first 70s of the Christians were the best part — 60%, in the 90s they have become a minority — 40%, and by 2000 only 30%.

Massacre of Lebanese Christians in Damour (1976) Islamists of the PLO, Yasser Arafat

The chronology and geography of the Armenian Christians of Lebanon during the second half of the 20th century
1975: Belt Mellat, Deir Eshash Tall Abbas (north Lebanon)
1976: Damur (Mount Lebanon), Chekka (north Lebanon), Qaa, Terbol (Bekaa valley)
1977: Aishye (south Lebanon), Maaser el-Shuf (Shuf Mountain)
1978: Ras Baalbeck, Shleefa (Bekaa valley)
1983: Major massacres in Aley, and the Shuf Mountains.
1984: Iqlim el-Kharrub (Mourn Lebanon)
1985: East Sidon (South Lebanon)
1990: Matn district

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