Life Bialowieza bison sold at auction

State Institution "TsentarKurort", owned by the Administration of the President, put up for auction bison. Lot number 15 reklyamuetstsa as "unique specimen, a male, which is not intended for the free hunting reserve of the gene pool."

Bison is in the Red Book of Belarus.

The initial cost of the bison — 40,000 euros. The auction winner will have the opportunity to kill an animal of their own weapons in the Bialowieza Forest, as well as take "trophy" abroad. As a bonus is offered the right to preparavanne bison. Instantly get a life bison is possible for 50 euros.

Ecologist Valery Dranchuk"This is a continuation of commercialization, the location of which on our misfortune has come since then-presidential assistant warden Titenkov. That's commerce, when it is already vbetstsa, print it very difficult. It is cynical to make money, not tourism, not books. Very simply put — and 50000 Eureka in your pocket. This is a very easy way to make money in the National Park. "

For the health of the population, produce scientific material … part of the bison was subjected to elimination.

On January 1, 2011 in the Bialowieza Forest and devious forests was 392 bison. Population in comparison with the previous year increased by 28 animals. Every year in the forest is born about 40 bison. A bison — is a species of which you want to carry out breeding, says Deputy Director of the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" Vasily Arnolbik:

"For the health of the population, produce scientific material, study the causes of serious diseases, reduce wasteful loss of animals who have no hope of recovery, some bison exposed to elimination. It can not be excluded, and hunting and shooting. "

Over the past 30 years in the Belarusian part of the Bialowieza Forest was culled thus 330 bison (for comparison — the neighbors, the Polish side, nearly three times as much), said Arnolbik:

"In the Bialowieza Forest under the terms of forage can be optimally 250-300 bison. This population now can not live in the wild, in their natural environment. She managed, she can not live without a man. It is necessary to feed the animals. Bison without a man now can not live. "

So periodically to allow bison hunting. A former researcher at the Forest Ecologist George Kazulka, said that the issue is quite complex, there are two circumstances:

Forest can not feed so many animals.

"On the one hand, and humanitarian issues. Indeed, it is the value of the Belarusian. Bison — in the Red Book. On the other hand, there are environmental factors. In the forest a lot of bison, and the forage base is not adequate. Forest can not feed so many animals. And there is a problem: what to do once the herd? Bison live in the wild, in some places like Belarus, overseas too difficult to send. So look for such compromises. I think it might be possible as an exception in the context of a democratic state. If there were social control performed legislation. And in the current environment may be a violation, and we know about such things. "

Auction organizers claim that it is carried out in accordance with the decree of the president, with the Council of Ministers — that is, all legally. And the bison, which have exposed, — the old, the sick, the deputy director for science Basil Arnolbik:

"If you look closely, he walks on four legs, and the chances of survival had virtually none. All such bison tend to hold their own. The Commission is of such animals evaluates and assigns a backup of the gene pool. "

Basically hunt bison, deer, elk come into the forest foreigners who do not do it for selfish purposes (to get the booty, meat, fur), but for the trophy, which can boast of. Previously, the cost of a license to shoot bison ranged from 5 to 10 thousand euros. Now Bison put up for auction.

Vasily Arnolbik: "It does happen that the culled animals die before arrival hunters. Here, in some sense unique customers. For some on moral principles is inconsistent. Still hunting for bison is not complicated in comparison, for example, the extraction of some predator, if there is passion, moral satisfaction. "

It not only degrades our nature, but demeans our nation that we make money on it.

Ecologist Valery Dranchuk that before the auction, said the following:

"This is not must Here is the trade: preparavanne, a bullet — head of a bison. It not only degrades our nature, but demeans our nation that we make money on it. Sell it should not go. As written by Larissa Heniyush, "green trade can not be good." She was referring to — the nature of our own, in the highest sense of the word.

February 2nd highest rate surpassed the auction buyout price and accounted for 50,100 euros. Member of that bet, received notice of a possible victory in the auction, and documents. But the payment is not made hitherto lot, so bet and winnings forfeited. Lot price on the evening of February 3 is again 40,100 euros. The auction will run until March 2.


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