List of Shame

The European Union today released its list of 158 banned Belarusian officials and officers in connection with the repression after the presidential elections on 19 December 2010. To the old list since 2006 added 117 new names.

I understand the frustration of those who from the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the European Union on January 31 waiting for something much bigger than just the list of banned and the freezing of their assets. These two actions, we can agree, are more symbolic than practical significance. But I find it hard to agree with those commentators on our site, which evaluate these measures in the key of "the mountain gave birth to a mouse" or refer to them as "betrayal" of the Belarusian democratic community.

Suppose the European Union decided to ban entry to all members Election Commissions, that is, several tens of thousands of people from Belarus. There was whether it would be more practical than a list of a hundred people? No. Those who have the money to travel abroad, and so are used to driving on Dubai and Kuwait, that is, where the taking, and that the majority of which do not have the money for such voyages as never ridden before in Europe, and now would not have gone . But the stigma that is put on this list Belarusians, no less than if there wasof tens of thousands of families.

This brand is not only those ministers, propagandists, officers of the KGB and the Interior Ministry, the prosecutor and the judges who are on the list first and last name, but also on all others, both those who agree with them, and those who hate them, but they have to endure … Unfortunately …

This list — the original diagnosis of the moral and political status of the Belarusian society as a whole.

The list is the chief surgeon of the hospital name, who was abducted from the prison and beaten injured Vladimir Neklyaeva. Well, this surgeon could do, ask, do not give kagebistam bear presidential candidate? Of course, the delay kegebistov he could not. But the doctor morally supported the kidnapping, writing in the history of the poet is not a serious head injury, and just kind of "injuries." He is a doctor, has set itself the stigma of a lifetime. If this is possible in the case of the chief surgeon of the hospital in Minsk, then what can we find fault with a teacher at the village school, which zaprygonili in precinct Election Commission?

The fact that the list of one hundred and fifty people, not 70,000, reflecting no "betrayal" of the European Union, but rather of his faith from the Belarusians and their ability to escape from today's serfdom.

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