Man two years continuously laughing after hip surgery — VIDEO

March 19, 2012 9:41

Dutchman could not stop laughing for the past two years.

Hug boss all the time laughing

Hug boss all the time laughing

Dutchman Hug boss two years ago, had surgery on his hip, and since waking up from anesthesia — not stop laughing. Since 2 years Haq never had the kind of sad or worried, wife boss admits that irritated more often. Netherlander wife assures me that this behavior is to blame Haga anesthesia and irresponsibility of doctors. Now, she said, the family can not properly argue or quarrel — what woman would not say boss just smiles and suddenly bursts out laughing. Endless laughter Haga annoying not only his wife, but his daughter and brother. They were less likely to be in a party.

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