Manager of the President following the situation to combat bark beetle beetle

 Presidential Property Management Department is making every effort to minimize the negative consequences of the invasion of bark beetle in their jurisdictions, according to RIA Novosti press-secretary manager of Victor Khrekov.

"In some parts of the territory under the jurisdiction of business manager, cut down on the permission of local authorities about a thousand barrels, and still affected 1.5 thousand trees" — said Khrekov.

According to him, mostly spruce die before the age of 40 years.

Khrekov said the situation is exacerbated by the fact that the trees are weakened "climate of recent years, when combined long periods of drought or rain." In particular, according to him, in the little village Uspenskoye suffered about a thousand trees in Zhukovka — cutting to be several hundred.

"Plus, in recent years there was no comprehensive approach to the problem," — said Khrekov.

He explained that the bark beetle problem can not be solved in a given area. "The fight must be waged simultaneously everywhere," — said Khrekov.

In addition, he said, the fight against bark beetle — an expensive, low-cost. "Not only in the processing of the trees, and in the disposal of infected stems, because they can not burn, and only disposed of with the help of special technology," — said Khrekov.

"In this case for cutting affected trees need to get permission for three to four months," — he added.

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