March 17 something huge hung over Kiev

March 22, 2012 13:37

March 17, 2012 at 21.16 something strange stuck in wooded (Desnyanskiy Kiev area on the left bank). Visually, it looks like 6 light points, forming the shape hovering in the sky giant airship. It is with these words describe the movie you downloaded in yutubovsky broadcasts one of the witnesses of English-language Internet. Here in Ukraine video almost went unnoticed.

 Eyewitness nick «123456vlasov» uploaded videos depicting these very strange lights over Kiev March 17, ie immediately after the shooting. Under the roller instead of a concise description: "six points over the woodland of Kiev." In the following days, dozens of movie cited English language sites and forums on ufology.
In the picture we see the night Kiev, at a low altitude hanging something huge and square, outlined glowing lights (to the end of shooting the lights "fade"). Examine the details of a problem — shot through the glass window of the apartment, fast and in a hurry, the duration of the video 47 seconds.
"Stunned" — repeats several times in the frame a woman's voice, expressing great surprise saw. "Very good video," — said in the post English sites

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