Market Monitors

Advertising displays

Marketing monitors generally called special mediakompleksy, translating these or other marketing videos in most cases the objects of public transport. An estimated marketing agencies such devices are ideal for stimulating consumer demand and increase the level of sales of a particular product. This is explained by the availability of data blocks for many people who travel through the town on a bus, subway, tram or trolleybus. In the near future marketing monitors are equipped with, including, and taxis.

Marketing Monitor is an ordinary LCD display that transmits rollers certain content from the media disk imaging. In most cases, this medium is a flash device transmitting the data for viewing by passengers. Monitors receive energy vehicle power adapter, designed to work on low voltage mc. Russian used to transport a wide-range power supply mechanism works: 7 to 30 V. Taking into account the likely harm from the unconscious passengers, market monitors are placed in a special vandal-proof housing, which does not remove them from the system. In addition, if Marketing Monitor is based on disk imaging stored on the flash nkopitel, it provides an additional locking device protecting the flash card from being stolen.

Broadcast marketing rollers is automatically and starts exactly at the moment when the ignition is activated. Commercials are broadcast without a stop, and means not require the driver of any additional maintenance on the marketing of the monitor.
In the subway cars used up to 3 monitors marketing, in the bus — in most cases 1.

Multifunction marketing monitors can be equipped with additional devices to program the video series for a long time. With all of this control so the monitor will be done from a computer operator. This kind of monitors, for obvious reasons, has a huge price.

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