Martin Polak of Belarus: The European Terra Incognita

The famous Austrian writer, journalist and translator Martin Pollack, immortalized in this year's International Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding, called on Europeans to stop ignoring Belarus and treats her with indifference.

"Belarus — is Terra Incognita, a white spot on the map in our heads — writes Martin Polak. — This is shameful and inexcusable. Maybe it's because of Belarus — a dictatorship, the last dictatorship in Europe, and feel it is unpleasant and uncomfortable? What it is a shame for our democratic, progressive continent, which is better to remain silent like?

Probably. Critics have called the Belarus reserve Stalinist communism. But is this just an excuse not to report this country? A system of Lukashenko, who is sitting in the people deeper than many people think about this criticism? No need to kid ourselves. Belarus — Ukraine is not, and certainly not Poland since the emergence of "Solidarity". We know too little about this country, because our media almost anything from there are not reported.

Too little we know about the Belarusian literature. For most of us it is also Terra Incognita. Even a well-known Belarusian writers such as Vasil Bykov, Svetlana Aleksievich Arthur Klinav, beautiful young poet-lyricist Mort Valzhina, Algirdas Baharevich, living in Germany, in German-speaking area are still unknown.

In the prestigious New York Review of Books-known American historian Timothy Snyder dedicated new novel "Paranoia" Belarusian author Viktor Martinovich as many as three pages. In the German-speaking environment, as far as I know, was not seen a book that would tell about the system Lukashenko. Such ignorance and indifference towards Belarus — the horror and shame. It's time to change that. "

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