Mass mortality of bats in the U.S.

Hardly had time to forget some cases of mass bird deaths in the U.S. in 2010-2011, U.S. scientists have increasingly been on an unusual and frightening event — the death of bats. The reason is called less mysterious, however, as will become clear from the nizhenapisannogo from this is not easy

More than 6 million bats have died and millions more are expected to become victims of the disease known as White-Nose Syndrome (White Nose Syndrome), or WNS. First identified in the north-eastern states, WNS has destroyed about 95% of the population of bats in Pennsylvania and is spreading rapidly across the country. Most recently he was seen in the states of Missouri, Delaware and Alabama.

"It's like the penetration of smallpox in the New World. Of course, this is an unprecedented disaster for wildlife in North America, "- says Bucknell University professor Dr. Dianne Reeder, who is one of the leading experts on WNS in the country and one of the researchers who reported the identification of the causes of the disease in 2011 -" We can not to stop this thing. She goes around the country, and we just travel around to observe its consequences. " Reeder has been studying the disease almost ever since it was discovered in a New York cave in 2006.

Since the infection was detected in at least 17 states. "Recently I was in the mine, where he was to observe at least 10,000 bats. There were 150 "- recalls Reader -" We do not know if they have survived, some immunity, or they were lucky. If you just got lucky, then we have a problem. "

Consequences of the disappearance of the local population of bats can be severe. Reeder said that for every one million bats have about 697 tons of insects that can be eaten, but now they survive the summer months. These include mosquitoes and crop pests. Recent studies show that bats perform work pest control millions of dollars with reference to PR Web.

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