Maybe Planet X discovered

With an infrared telescope specialists from NASA failed to consider the unusual behavior of the "black hole", more precisely, the volatility of its jets. The telescope is placed in the orbit of the planet in December 2009.

"Black Hole" — a very dense object called GX 339-4, its weight as 6 of our Suns. His education took place after the explosion of a star. It is located in the constellation of the Altar at a distance of 20,000 light-years from Earth. This is practically the center of our galaxy. Nearby is another hole, her stuff sucks "hole." Some of it is released in the form of thin jets, which are called jets, they travel at the speed of light. And this phenomenon has got into the telescope lenses.

Jet diameter of about 25,000 km. Intensity and thickness can vary by tens of times. The work of "black hole" color music equipment like a disco, only universal scale. The signals appear periodically with varying intensity. The reasons for this phenomenon is not yet clear, but it will continue to conduct the analysis of images.

At the moment, the telescope off and to continue to resupply special substance. Maybe in the future it will happen.

Pursuit of science, especially astronomy, require a lot of time and effort to focus. When divert domestic issues, sometimes lost all desire to continue the study. Order, and probably there are a pizza delivery service in Ufa and other cities. In our time, with the right approach, even an amateur astronomer can make a significant discovery, but this, of course, you need a lot of time and effort.

Rumor has it that a giant planet was found close to our solar system. It named Tyuhe. Some scientists believe that the telescope was not detected Tyuhe, and the planet — the killer Nibiru, due in 2012, will end. This is associated with the movement of Nibiru, and information about whether the moves Tyuhe yet. No, and hypotheses about the source of the planet, but suggests that the data on this will be published later this year.

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