Mazzei: To compare the situation in Egypt and Belarus is incorrect

Political crisis deepens in Egypt. Supporters and opponents of President Hosni Mubarak began to sort things out on the street with stones, clubs and knives. The very same Egyptian leader said yesterday that he would not run in the next election, but he wants to see out in the president's chair at least until September. The opposition does not accept such a prospect, and requires the immediate resignation of the dictator, who, in their opinion, in 30 years in power brought the country to poverty. As the events in North Africa assessed Belarusian politicians? Or to the place of parallels between Egypt and Belarus, where the first person chosen the path to lifelong rule and established a strict regime of authoritarian rule?

The Belarusian opposition is increasingly draws parallels between the events in Egypt and Belarus. They say that society is tired of authoritarian leaders who privatized power and impose its own population build script autocracy. However, the Chairman of the Council of the Republic for Foreign Affairs and National Security Nina Mazzei, which has a wealth of diplomatic experience in different regions of the world, believes that such comparisons are flawed:

Nina Mazzei

"I can not share the opinion of those who try to carry out such simple analogies and put an equal sign. They will not be correct. Will some virtual design, but it is very far from reality. Unfortunately, the tense situation in this key country in the region is not subsides, saved socio-economic issues and political issues, it is necessary to find ways how to resolve. But you go on this way, to decide the Egyptians themselves. This is their country, their responsibility for the future of their state. So, I think the comparison is not necessary now speak. Each country has its own internal affairs, and how to decide how to deal with the situation should think those political forces who are responsible for their country. "

"And yet, in your opinion, to reconcile the parties, Hosni Mubarak should resign?"

"I do not take the responsibility now to give any advice. Because how to act and what to do in this situation should think of those political forces that stand today in Egypt before the responsibility for its future."

At the top of the Egyptian government of Hosni Mubarak is 35 years, with three decades of directly governing the country. Once in 1981 he was killed then-President Anwar Sadat, vice-president Mubarak automatically took the top job. By 2005, he was nominated for a new term stood unopposed, but the changes made to the Constitution did not allow the alternative candidates even come close to the real power. International journalist, a former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Michael Botian says he does not notice certain analogy is simply impossible:

Michael Botian

"It seems to me that almost always, when it comes to the overthrow of the dictatorship, the parallels can hold. Indeed themselves dictatorship — that is how they exist, how — are very similar, and sometimes almost identical. And the propaganda being waged, and even the performance of the as Mubarak, who says he is a patriot and just scared to something bad had happened to the country. This is very similar to the speech given another president! And, forgive me, as these provocations began when supporters took to the streets of Mubarak — well, then Did not seem like the left (of course, on a smaller scale), breaking windows in our Government House? We, fortunately, did not shoot, but the form and methods are very, very similar. "

Politician Peter Sadowski, who was one of the first in independent Belarus was given the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, is convinced: general fatigue from their regimes and combines Egyptian, and the Belarusian society. Naturally, after adjusting for traditional specifics of the East:

Peter Sadowski

"You can compare if only in the sense that people's patience is exhausted. But it is the East, and the situation is still different. Talking about some European democratic standards do not have to, it's a different oykumena. His dictator they may have needed, but in fact defied all limits of decency. 30 years in power — too much even for these latitudes. It seems to me, except for the time factor, there comes a kind of spring peoples. As we had here in the late 1980s, it is now something that begins in Africa. In Belarus, for the moment such an increase is not, and it's the main difference. But the fatigue factor of society, of course, and there, there and there. Therefore, if taken out of the brackets, it's fatigue, backed by a huge, homogeneous temporal domination of the authoritarian personality. "

Events in Egypt are gradually moving beyond Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and being transferred to other regions. Finally, it is noted in Belarus, whose citizens until the last stsyakalisya on the coast of the Red Sea. Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Belarus reported that the number of Belarusians from the beginning of the week in Egypt fell to five hundred: who expired on vacation, has returned, and the new tourists are increasingly being asked to change direction or delay the journey.

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