Mechanized army surrounds Iran

Robotic army surrounds Iran

In response to Iran's saber weapon United States deployed two aircraft carrier groups motivated and one nuclear submarine with cruise missiles (SSGN) in the Persian Gulf. So Makarov, in the region except for 80-decked warplanes also appeared more than 400 cruise missiles Tomahawk. Used in large quantities, the gun was very devastating. For example, March 19, 2011 during the first attack on Libya, NATO forces have been involved more 100 Tomahawk, most of them started with a single SSGN.

U.S. has 4 nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles (SSBN) class Ohio, which have been converted into nuclear submarines with cruise missiles. These boats have been commissioned in the past 6 years and for the first time have been used in combat operations in Libya. Any of the Ohio-class SSGN carries 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles are also capable of carrying 66 commandos (usually, SEAL) and their equipment. KR Tomahawks used for sudden attacks are very effective at winding up of air defense systems and other tools, which are usually hidden from the beginning of hostilities. The latest versions of Tomahawk can be retargeted in flight with the introduction of intelligence disk imaging in real time with drones and spy satellites.

Segodnyaschy version of the Tomahawk Block 4 is worth about $ 1.8 million every, weighs 1.4 tons and is capable of delivering a warhead weighing half a ton a distance of 1500 km. It moves to its goal with speed of 880 km per hour. Tomahawk the first time was introduced 29 years ago and has since produced more than 6,000 missiles. The U.S. Navy launched a general difficulty about 2,000 missiles in exercises and in combat.

Blocks 4s also being upgraded so that they are able to hit moving targets. They are created for the main transformation in Tomahawk anti-ship missiles, but they are also able to hit moving targets on the ground. Tomahawk has been the main instrument of attacking ground targets from surface ships and submarines from the 1990s. Block 3 entered service in 1994, but the unit 4 has undergone a significant upgrade, having the opportunity of GPS navigation and the ability to be Retargeted to another target, already being in flight.

Featured in the 1980's cruise missiles were actually one of the first unmanned aerial vehicles, but they just can not be reused. UAVs carrying bombs and missiles, and that can be re-used will be able to make a worthy konkurentnst cruise missiles. Cruise missiles fly smallish and slowly, and can be shot down, yet it will always give them an advantage over more expensive reusable UAV.

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