Mechanized Bobcat

Robotic Bobcat

Israel has purchased several sets remote, that turn the machine Bobcat a ton unmanned ground. The controller and the screen is placed in a special carrying case. Set Conversion contains the seven cameras to be placed on the vehicle, and a microphone to be placed in the cab so that the operator can hear what's going on around the car. The cameras include the ability of some night vision.

The manufacturer of this kit also produces Talon bots for the South American division clearance, which are used in combat in the last decade. Bobcats consists of a compact skid steer loader, using a joystick and other digital controls makes it easy to do a set of remote control. Israel has purchased Bobcat, since they are quite small, so move through the narrow streets and alleys of the West Bank to work with the bombs, and other obstacles. Bobcat may simply be to equip more than pyatdesyatyu devices, most of which can also be controlled remotely.

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