Let's remember! Lead — Operation "Terra" — the merger of Reality
Today we will talk to you about some of the events that will occur as you "return home" to full consciousness. Now you really go back to your true home, true to themselves and once these higher reality will open to you, you will begin to see strange events that you can not explain to others. These events would seem natural to you, but your social consciousness will label them as "strange", so you can start experiencing some fear regarding the issue. We discussed the need to move from fear to love, so we offer these comments today to assure you that there is nothing to be afraid. You just go back to the way you were before you took this "clothes" of the flesh.

In the beginning it was a kind of cosmic "soup." Everything was fluid and no definite shape. Your scientists have approached the "soup" when they created plasma using electromagnetic fields. Plasma — the field of intelligent energy or substrate without its own form. From this reasonable "soup" have all the forms, conscious existence, but not yet able to reflect on them. This will manifest itself later in the scheme of things.

In this "soup" all things are contained in the potential. You can not see any of them, because they exist only as potential — the ability of the many possibilities. We mentioned yesterday fractals. If you think of the point solutions — something simple like, "What will I have for breakfast?", You'll be able to understand what we are talking about here. You can have a lot of things for breakfast. You can use what you already have in the house, you can go to the store and buy something else or you can go to a restaurant and choose from a menu. Even the breakfast offers a variety of options.

This is — the solution point. They offer a lot of opportunities, not just two or three — "Yes", "No" or "Maybe." Each decision leads to another point solutions. Let's say you decide to have eggs for breakfast as part of your solutions "breakfast." Now you are faced with other points of solutions: How do you cook eggs? Mixed for scrambled eggs? Cook? Fires entirely? And this decision will affect your other solutions. What do you do with these eggs? That "fit" to the eggs — depends in part on how you decide to cook them. To take a little bit mixed milk or onions. Boiled — mayonnaise or salt and pepper.

We use this simple example to show you how one set of possible solutions leads to other possible solutions. Computer programmers would call them "logical branches." You can go on this way, or in another third, and so on. Once the decision to go in a certain way, the exclusion of others — the other "branches" are shown. Fractals represent this graphically. The initial point of creating branches indefinitely, until the value is within certain limits. You can "examine" fractal infinite, as it remains within these limits. This way creation unfolds itself from the inside of the outer "soup." This begins with the ramifications, expressing a "set" of possibilities or potentials. Every time you take a "solution" to choose one of the other possibility, the point solutions or branch became the starting place for a new set of opportunities, as we have shown by the example of breakfast. But it is — how it all began — with a set of options, so we have just summarized the starting point. This is called "iteration" (repeat).
Iteration — loops through a formula.
Mathematicians use iteration to solve complex equations.

Thus, it shows how creation unfolds — through a number of iterations (cycles) is a complex formula that takes into account an infinite number of points of the solution, or branches that are being investigated. But what about the other points or branches? Explores their creator as well. But as you can and mix the eggs and fry, and cook? You probably would not want to have all of them at one and the same time. Creator solves this dilemma by creating a separate reality, to put all the possible choices. If one expression "you" choose mixed eggs, there are other words "you" to make other choices and they will continue expanding and branching.

If you look at the picture-fractal, then you will understand what we are saying. This is — the way creation unfolds. Each branch leads to the other branches. There are as many realities as points of consciousness to gain experience in them. There are so many expressions of "you" as you need to explore all the possibilities. You — an expression of the Creator. You can say that you — the Creator-in-expression. Creator (as Creator), wants to experience (or "research"), all topics that are essentially infinite in the number of certain limits or parameters. These limits we call "Universal (Universal) the law." They are not like the laws applied by your government. They apply to all create a reality at all levels of existence. There are laws that are derived from the original laws that operate in specific frequency bands (densities or "dimensions" as some people call them, the density — the more correct term), but really "universal" laws apply to all of creation. Your scientists are always looking for the theory that combine other theories in a simpler, more versatile unit. "Universal law" — to bring all derivatives laws to great unifying laws (or plan) for the whole of creation. They are coded in all forms of matter and can be accessed for a properly configured thinking.

You, in the form in which you now feel yourself a "bag of skin." But there is much more. The real "you" and express in all logical branches that have the potentials when your soul was created, or "disconnected" from the Creator. Your soul — the projection of the Creator. She is the creator, because it contains all aspects of the Creator, but it also feels a bit different from the Creator. She — a more individualized or "specialized" aspect of the Creator. She — "expert" or "specialist" in certain topics, which are sometimes called archetypes. However, even within this individualization, there is an infinite number of capabilities that are investigated within the parameters of Universal Laws.

So, you all have been very busy at the soul level, creating many parallel versions of "Life", through which you can explore the many realities. In fact, you gave yourself billions of years to explore these realities, but now the cycle ends. It is almost time to hit the "reset" button in the Creation, to remove all the pieces of the pilot screen that remained from the previous experiments and start anew creation [as well as pressing the "reset" on your Web-browser and reload the page changes, which you look].

We will leave the discussion of cycles for another time. At the moment, just know that all of the studies that are available within this "set" of possibilities — almost exhausted, now is the time to bring these "life" to the end and close the "set" of capabilities so that another "set" of capabilities could replace him . In your theater performances you lower the curtain, when the play is over. This is what happens to the "stage" now. "Set" features ends and is replaced by another. This means that all parallel realities that you have researched, will end and be replaced by placing them in a whole other, a new "set" of possibilities. There is always a single "seed" point, which marks the beginning of a process. There is also a logical end-point of the process. You call them "Alpha" (beginning) and "Omega" (end). You — almost at "Omega" and will soon experience a new point of "Alpha". Between them there is a zero point at which nothing exists.

You may be surprised to learn that you do not exist all the time continuously. You actually "blinking" many times per second. Your movies are composed of discrete shots, none of which is a "movement", but when they are projected on the screen in your theater, it flashes back and forth so fast that the delay in image [from one frame to the next] causes an image made up of these frames appear when you move a smooth and continuous. The people who make the animation for the web know that their animated films actually consist of different images or images that appear as live action when you move around on the screen for a certain period of time. Your reality that seems continuous and solid, in fact, consists of static images — holograms that flashes back and forth a few times per second, so fast that you do not get the time when going out of the hologram, instead you have "continuous" reality. It is not continuous, so the zero point, which we have mentioned, is not something "new", but it is an important event because it represents.

In contrast to the simple movement from one frame to the next, say, your head nod to a small fraction of an inch, and, similarly, a small increment of movement of your hand towards your nose, which itched, the zero point will be what is called a "quantum moment" — a giant leap in the whole experience with a different reality. Creation literally come to an end and will be recreated in the next "frame" (on a different basis). New Creation will be planted by a new "set" of possibilities. In the time between the point of the "Omega" and the point of the "Alpha" is not just "a single thing" — is nowhere to be exercised any reality. It will be only the Creator, in a perfect state of rest, but it contains all the things in the potential.

"You", in the form in which you get experience now — really there is only a point of consciousness manifested in Him who has everything, marked piece of the Creator. There are an infinite number of such points, in line with the branches of which were investigated. But there is also the "you" are going to be "One" — the "seed" of a new 'set' to be set up on the other side of the point of "Omega". So, what happens to all the other "you" who were not here, exploring other realities? They will be returned back to your soul and merged with it, just as happens every time when "life" is over. But the "you" who read this [message] — those who "pass through" to the new reality, so you begin to "see" through the eyes of your soul. You will start to see more and more of other realities that these other parts or aspects of "you" investigated. From the perspective of "you" are reading this message, it will seem as if these other realities "merge with you" or "are in you."

There is nothing in your pop culture or literature that would explain it to you. This is one of the reasons why we are giving this series of posts — to explain to you what is happening now, and assure you that you are not "going crazy." Do you remember how we told you that you are conscious of your breathing? Notice how you are breathing right now. Take a deep breath. Feel the difference.

This information serves as your setup, but your ego or personality can protest. The level of this information may frighten. Your ego is designed to keep the "body and soul" together, so if it hears that everything is going to "end", it is using the "method of protection", which is called fear. Breathing quickens and becomes shallow, as all systems react to the "red panic button", while the perceived risk can not be identified and will not be evaluated. When you feel that your breath was shallow and it was — take a deep breath and let your body and ego, you are safe. This is very important. You need to start to develop your own ability to create feelings of their security, because otherwise you will react from a place of fear — your ego, not your higher knowledge, and it will lead to bad decisions. You do not respond appropriately to changes that appear before you, as the cycle of creation ends.

Parallel realities merge. This will be done gradually, but then this process will accelerate. Everything goes to the point of "Omega" and, through the intersection of Point Zero, to the point of "Alpha". The whole process will be fed and sent to higher levels of consciousness, and you should not try to understand it in detail. You — the passengers on this journey, not a pilot. Breathe. Meditate. Accept. Relax. You are in the most wonderful "magical mystical journey" all the time! Enjoy it. Like a small child in front of a large department store, looked out through the plate-glass window at all the wonders inside. Demonstrate the ability to be surprised. Let your mental "analyst" to rest. Be at ease, breathe and immerse yourself in the experience of many realities. This is — a part of your preparation to accept the "new you", those multidimensional beings that emerge on the other side of the zero point.

This is — why we told you to give your spiritual practice is the highest priority. Extremely important at this time to create as many "quiet time" as soon as you can. You'll need it to calm himself, to integrate a lot of new experiences and sensations that are beginning to flood you, once you have finished the process of reconnection. Great transformation you go now, on this side of the zero point. All these separate "you" will be merged into your soul and you will begin to have access to their knowledge and experience. Your obviously a hard reality, it would seem you start melting and there are more and more in the "altered state" of consciousness. You'll need these periods of silence in order to integrate it all.

What is happening here — a very important thing, and we want you to know that a huge amount of support available to you from the higher levels of consciousness, but we can not give it to you as long as you do not ask us for help. We can not violate your free will. In chatter ego is a lot of "static", many messy emotions, all this obscures and distorts the "still small voice" within you. You need this quiet time to be able to hear and feel us. You have to give it to yourself if you want to have as smooth a transition as possible.

In conclusion, we want to assure you that there is, outside of time, you've got "there". You do not "miss the opportunity." You can not "fail." Your soul will guide you perfectly. But you'll have a much easier time if you follow our advice and relax, will breathe, think and simplify your life so as to have more quiet time. We leave you now in peace and honor and blessing.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We — Key.

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