Message from Isis 30. 08. 12.

In recent weeks, fluctuations in the Earth were significantly increased. The spiritual world is using this light for purification and healing. Archangels have a lot of work. They are involved in the purification of the emotional and mental levels in the world.

Perhaps you feel good, that clears your mental and emotional bodies.

A lot happens at night while you sleep. And it may well be that in the morning you wake up with a feeling of deep joy, with a sense that everything is in order. The body feels good and the flow of thoughts calm and upbeat. And a sense of enlightenment!

But there can be chaotic feelings. Waking up in the night with a sense of chaos and fog of emotions and thoughts.

And often both these states alternate.

Many of you, the human soul, are now in the critical development. Many of you have destroyed the old structure and the new has not yet built. That, and more light, fill the earth, causing fear and uncertainty.

Can you imagine this: fear and terror — it's like tracing deposits in the pipes. High energy intensity of light, passing through the Earth, act as a cleanser. The deposits are separated, are set in motion and carried through the pipes.

At some point, this can cause a huge feeling of happiness. With the release of such deposits can create a sense that you have removed all the conventions, or were out of them … But the next time you find yourself back in his deep and habitual patterns.

Thoughts and feelings are then down, then up! From our point of view, it looks very nice — around your body shine color and sometimes it looks like a hurricane. And we know that, for you, this process is not always pleasant.

My dear, we, the spiritual world, is always ready to help you in your processes all that we can. We provide you with our strength, every one of us:

Archangel Zadkiel clears the Violet Flame

— Archangel Gabriel clears the White Flame

— Archangel Ariel stabilizes your feelings

— Archangel Raphael is sending you energy healing

— Archangel Michael is giving you clarity

— I, Isis, saturating you love Mother — encompassing love.

When you need one of these qualities, you just think about the corresponding name. That you will draw to yourself the corresponding energies.

Very effective tool is your breath.

Conscious breathing helps your trim.

Choose time for conscious breathing.

When you inhale slowly count to four.

When you exhale again count slowly to four.

Spend a simple breath a few times, until an constant rhythm.

In this case, think and blurts, "I love to take back my power!"

This little exercise is very helpful to find a balance, to divert their energy from any order and consider what is happening on the course.

Your thoughts do to you what they want? You do not control them? You are in a whirl of thoughts? It takes strength. Power is given when you determine the issue. When you are not the master of your thoughts. When you're not in the moment.

Breathing helps you to be back in the Now. Concentrate. Follow your breath and deeply immersed in it. Your breath leads you in the here and now. Dive into its present — Watch Now!

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