Message from the Galactic Federation of Light commanders on August 27,

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light commanders on August 27.
Because of the severity of this epistle, many people found it false, but it is not so.
Translation Narada.

"Clearing the way for initiation (call start) Projects and programs that we have talked to you about the need for you and your people to rid their society of those who control you, manipulate you, threatening you, works tirelessly to block you from achieving your goals in the new world. We can not, as we have said, to begin to work with your people to build a new system, we feel that the clicks and intrigue adverse effects were devastating enough, at least to some extent.
We do not require you to put them in jail and held court over every member of the clique, their partners and their minions. That would be too much to ask, and we ask you not too much.
Let's see exactly what we ask of you, people of Earth, and from those whom we call our allies Earth. We ask of you, what would you do to achieve the appropriate infrastructure (Systems and Services) which we call a web of deceit, corruption, the negative impact of the criminal empire that stretches like a big spider web across your planet and even in small corners and crevices of small countries and regions.
We feel that it would be unwise for our organization (Federation) to descend to the surface of your world where such offenders (The Illuminati) working hard to reign in control of many parts of your world and your world systems.
It is extremely difficult for us or anyone to begin to deconstruct and reconstruct, in some cases, create entirely new systems as there are people who are planning for the immediate intrigue system collapse, which we intend to create. We feel that you can understand our position here.
We ask you? You adequately destroyed part of this network, which stretches across the face of your planet. By this we mean that we would like to have their (Illuminati and their henchmen) Web communication were hit and many of their key members, as far as it would have been possible, convicted of crimes they have already committed.

We do not expect the commission of new crimes, as this is not necessary, because there is already a mountain of evidence, more than is required for their arrests and detentions. We have a large group of lawyers who viewed each page of the documentation relating to the crimes of these individuals, including the conspiracy that, if they were allowed to reach their goal then you would see a complete destruction and annihilation of the human race.
Is not that enough for you to act in accordance with these arrest warrants and take these people into custody? What do you expect from them? You are expecting to do well to do bad things, in the destruction of your society, and much of your physical world?
Their agenda is to completely destroy your social systems and anointing themselves rulers of these societies is not the fallen favorite, and certainly unworthy rulers. They do not want elections, although many of them were forged by hand. They do not want campaigns to perpetuate their agenda of lies, deception, propaganda, mind control and influence. They just want to call themselves kings and queens and high priests of your world, to move to any palace or castle and rule over you and your people, like kings and queens from your past. These people do not care about the souls of (people), They do not care about decency or human well-being of your world. They know only greed, lust for power and control, sexual deviance, and delight.

They know no boundaries. Their conscience does not work like yours. Do not try to compare them with you, because there is no comparison. They are an abomination in your world. They are not part of it, they should never be allowed to be part of it, and now it is time for them to be removed from your society. It decided your creator, the creator of all that is.
Is not that enough for your ears to hear?
Your Creator, the one you call God, He ordered that these dark figures (The Illuminati and their henchmen) have been removed from your world and taken to another location, where they rightfully belong, but never here, because it is an ideal place for higher dimensions.
All others should be pale in the light of one of the topic, as it is important for you, the people of Earth.
We can not do it for you, and we will not do it for you. Your Creator decided that it is you, the people of Earth must awaken themselves, and to take action to free themselves and not through words, rhetoric, speeches, campaigns and petitions, but through action. He commanded that it is time for you, the people of Earth, to wake up and take matters into their own hands.

We will assist you in every way we can, we help you in every way that we can.
We have an incredibly advanced technology and methods of surveillance and intelligence gathering, and we will do everything we can to provide you with all the intelligence that you need to complete, at least to some extent, the arrests of members and supporters what we call your criminal clique (Illuminati and their henchmen).
There are many different groups, organizations and names these criminals have given themselves and clicks — it's just a nickname, moniker, which we use to make it easier to identify them. You can refer to them as the Illuminati, because it would be very fair to say that many of the criminals that we call clique members are not official members of the Illuminati, let's clarify this.
There are members of your Masonic organizations, your organization of the Knights Templar, the Knights of the Rosicrucian Order, all these fancy names they gave to himself, but in reality, when it all comes down to one, all there is only one name for these wayward souls (people), And they were criminals. They — the criminals, because they belong to a criminal organization, criminal empire, they realize it or not.

There is a low ranking members of these organizations, let's elaborate on who may not even realize or understand the lower members of the criminal organization.
They can not be called up for any criminal life, but either way, but that's why they were recruited. They were not recruited to these organizations for their appearance, their charm, their experience and their love and compassion for our brothers and sisters. They were called in those organizations to do the dirty work in the Great Pyramid of each organization. They are the favorites, they are pawns, and each of them also committed crimes in the name of their organization or their superiors in pyramidal stacks.
You will also be in custody for trial, and with a lot of evidence that we can help provide, and you will be judged and you will not be happy about this. This we promise you that it will be done. It is only a matter of time, and we do not have that luxury. Now is the time, and tomorrow it is not, we can not wait here for so long.

We feel that many of your world expect from us, and we want to make clear is this, as loudly and boldly as we can, but we are in for a very long time to wait on you to get you cleaned up trash from the streets of your clicks and their associates, for us, so we started the project, which we told you so. We too are tired of waiting, just as many of you are tired of waiting, we have to start immediately, because we have almost no time to complete all of these projects are very important to the security and prosperity of your people.

We again ask you about what you should do: please, take custody of these important and key figures of the ghost organizations. We are waiting for your answer, and the answer we do not mean more than words, promises and requests for intelligence. We await your response in the fields in the name of arrests as humanly possible.'

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