Archangel Michael through Marina Schulz

                        Dear people of Earth! Do not you know what's coming up wonderful in your life? My Host — is not only heavenly warriors of different ranks, but many Lightworkers, now working for the good of planetary transformation and obschegalakticheskih. Yes, so far you have moved! I am happy to report that my Host is all you are reading right now my message. And so we say from the inside of our one shining space of Blue Flame. Blue Flame order in that rises every warrior of the light, searching for the good of his world. Our unity in the glow of Blue Flame will now be eternal and immutable.

You — not just soldiers of the Archangel Michael. You — Warriors of Light Milky Way Galaxy. And you — Warriors universal scale. And fewer can claim Angels with the Central Spiritual Sun! My dear Warriors of Light! Beam its Sineplamennogo Might I bless you today for the upcoming working hard to introduce your planet into a new state of the Majesty of Light. You understand what I'm talking about two upcoming events of universal proportions. And in anticipation of the truly great dates, I, Archangel Michael, I want to express my admiration for your undoubted courage, the firmness with which you overcome the barriers erected in front of you going off to the world forces of darkness. Yes, we deduce them gradually out of your living space. But you should know that each person on the planet depends on the speed of their departure and complete purification and yourself and the Earth.

So I think certainly a wonderful fact that today, the day of the Great Cosmic Connections Light Forces, will be delivered to the Earth Galactic Rose, with which you will generate and general cleansing of the planet from the energies of duality. We will all participate in it! I call upon all forces of light the planet Earth to take part in the World Shares removal from the planet, transforming energy of duality. This will be a general cleaning. It will not be a battle with the energies of duality. In a continuing full of love, you will create a new life and the planet, and all life on it. Yes. Do not think that you are in these two days will be announced by someone or something destroyed. When to take action, remember the words of the Archangel Michael — just full of energy of Unconditional Love, begin their work. And know that all the host of the Archangel Michael will be with you! Many forces of the galaxy and the universe will not just watch your actions, but also to actively participate in this difficult process. I think that you will feel great relief after use.

I would once again like to express my great gratitude to all the people of Earth, which could now, in difficult conditions, transient rise in legions of my men to become bright stars of light. Light work on the planet is gaining strength. And all those who are now considered the Lightworkers are a powerful recruitment entire Hierarchy of Light Forces of the Cosmos. People are awakening to your Divine, primordial state of mind. And that's fine! Time is not far when the avalanche process of expanding the consciousness of all humans will adopt a new twist on Earth. And then the world will start to gain momentum ascension process. I will not go in detail on this subject. But you must understand that the goal for us and for you, the people alone. We also work with you on your ascension of the planet. Now is the time a radical leap. There will be two days during the month (12.12. And 21.12. — Note MS), When it will change fundamentally the whole structure of the light of the world. Finally, the event will come to pass, for which you now are on this planet. No fear or despair, it should not cause.

Yes, you go to the great transition! But who said that the Great Transition is the end of the world? Then he would not be Great! I want to say this — the day of the Galactic Alignment will be celebrating the Milky Way Galaxy! So go joyfully and with a heart filled with divine love, for this festive date! And know that Archangel Michael and his army will be next to you. Because each of the Lightworkers — My Warrior! Hence, in the heart of each one of you lives a blue flame of Archangel Michael! Together we will go through the steps of the Great Shift your Gaia and a brighter future. And it already gets Beautiful dawn, dear people of Earth!

I welcome all of Light Warriors of the Earth!

With Love of Archangel Michael

November 21, 2012

Category: Channeling

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