Meteorologists: storm in Moscow is croup

In the Russian capital on Monday, a fairly rare natural phenomenon — the storm croup reported Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and Moscow region. Forecasters explained that storm grits — is small snow balls, which are not similar to the classic soft and fluffy snowflakes.
"It (the storm cereals) will not be such a threat, as the freezing rain that hit Moscow in late December last year," — told "Interfax" employee Gidrometeobyuro. He compared the freezing rain with candy with a liquid filling: top — solid particles, and inside — soft. They are formed as a result of the above-ground-zero temperature, and the surface — negative.
"Coming into contact with the ground, icy raindrops are broken, and the water instantly freezes, creating an ice crust", — the weather bureau. "This, in particular, has led to disruptions in electricity in the Moscow region, as well as the fall of transmission towers in the south of Moscow in late December," — said the forecaster. He added that the current storm grits — short-term phenomenon, and when the air in Moscow reaches weak plus values, it will melt.

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