Mexico loses its beaches due to the onset of the ocean

With an unusual natural phenomenon experienced residents and the city government of a small Mexican town on the coast of California Peninsula. There's just a few months because of the onset of the ocean disappeared under the water about 80 meters of beach. On this day tells the newspaper El Universal.

The small town of Los Frailes is located in the resort area of Los Cabos, famous for its sandy beaches. Moreover, in June 2012, will come here for world leaders at the Summit of Heads of State and Government "Big Twenty" (G20).

Offensive Ocean locals noticed in March. Concerned about the rapid disappearance of the beach, the townspeople called experts, so that they could explain why. According to measurements of experts, ocean "absorbed" in Mexico about 1.3 hectares of coastal territory. What caused such a rapid advance of the ocean in this region of Mexico, experts still find it difficult to explain …

Arriving in Los Frailes representatives of the Ministry of the environment in Mexico at the time decided to close the beaches for visitors. Local residents are concerned that if the offensive continued at the same pace, it could cause serious damage to the tourism infrastructure and the impact on the income of local residents, mostly in the service sector of tourism. And in Mexico as a result of this unusual phenomenon may be slightly reduced.

ECOportal have repeatedly talked about the occurrence of the sea because of global warming on our planet, but nowhere are the oceans so quickly win back land areas …

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