Millions of bees for unknown reasons, died in Florida, USA

Several million bees died last week for no apparent reason in Brevard County (Florida). Many beekeepers have lost almost all its colonies and in despair complain to the officials of the state.

Charles Smith, owner of a honey company Smith Family Honey Company told the local news on Thursday that he lost about 400 hives. He does not know why he killed the bees, and the only thing that might suggest that they were something poisonous.

— No compensation will not return to me what I've lost — Smith complained the cameras — they were excellent health and performance of the individual. Losses have amounted to more than 150 thousand dollars.

At the moment specialists review dead bees to determine the cause of death. Likely infectious disease authorities excluded, as the bees have died very quickly, in a day and in a sharply delineated area.

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