Mogilev: BPF activist summoned to the KGB

Chairman of the regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Solovyov summoned to the KGB. The notice specified — as a witness to an investigator Mahunova. Committee members are waiting activist in 16 hours.

This is the second challenge by Dmitry Solovyov in the KGB. January 12 he was called to report that he had put on the register for special services that 2010 took part in unsanctioned rallies and organized them. The decision of the committee members Mogilev Dmitry Solovyov made a complaint to the Chairman of the KGB Vadim Zaitsev.

On January 15, an activist of the apartment KGB officers searched. They took the camcorder to record events in the Square on December 19. Moreover — computer system unit, two white-red-white flags and electronic media.

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