Mogilev: the Young warns KGB

Mogilev activist in the Czech Republic registered non-governmental organization "Young Front" Valentine Lobachyov requires the KGB to stop the persecution of his companions. Appropriate treatment he posted on the organization's website. The Young believes the actions of the security forces as illegal and warned that for this they will have to answer before the law.

Lobachyov"On Monday, the two guys came up to the committee members, and now one called. Guys — protesters Solidarity, which took place on January 30. Those two guys are enrolled in vocational school number 10, and the third — fifth-year student of the Mogilev University Kuleshov. The guys from the Lyceum written explanation, which indicated that I was the organizer of the action.

I do not want to intimidate our Malady. I admit that I may cause to the KGB. I believe that on the website "Young Front"Read the appeal committee members."

Valentin Lobanov January 25 own initiative went to the Regional Directorate of the KGB. On He said, two employees of the security services who spoke with him, he told them to stop the persecution of the Young. The reason for the visit was the pressure on activists who participated in the Mogilev action of solidarity with political prisoners on January 16. Sam Valentine Lobanov awaiting trial for her. He is accused of participating in an unsanctioned picket.


harassment, the KGB

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