More than 9,000 ducks were wintering in Moscow park

 More than 9,000 ducks were wintering in Moscow parks and nature reserves, according to the press service of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the capital.

According to the press service, the latest "duck census" in the capital, held January 20, showed that most of the Moscow winter is mallards. They're not the lead on the first season of the metropolitan population of waterfowl.

"Accounting has shown that the waters of protected areas of their lives more than 9,000, most of them males — more than 5000" — to be confirmed in a statement.

From the material that most ducks — 2,7 thousand — live in natural areas of the Southern District. With about 2.3 thousand individuals were recorded in the North-Eastern District.

In addition, environmentalists and volunteers to account waterfowl, ducks recorded on rivers Gangplank, automatically, Ocharovka. Ponds Park "Izmailovo", "Kuzminki-Lublin" and other water birds are also the capital have left unattended.

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