Mosquito clouds in Belarus

May 15. Mosquito clouds attacked the village on the eve of the territory Nikoltsy Myadzel Minsk region. Seen through the anomaly photographed local. However, according to him, the fact that they are in the frame — this is the remains of a powerful insect.

Fortunately, mosquito swarm was not biting. Local people working in their fields, and paid no attention to the flying swarm. But a passing car slowed down, the drivers and passengers watched in amazement at the strange gray clouds. Hum of mosquitoes was so strong that the sound of the engine drowned out the machines, said the news program "24 Hours" on STV

May 14. Yesterday afternoon near the village Nikoltsy Myadzel Minsk region there is a huge local mosquitoes. Witnessed the unusual phenomenon was Denis sour. The guy was not taken aback by what he saw and took pictures, reports TUT.BY.

"This is not the worst thing that was — the camera was on hand only after three hours — said Denis. — These images are just what I managed to capture. Hum of mosquitoes was terrible, such as the machine could not be heard. "

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