Mystery night broadcast. Or the voice of the Lost in the forest

October 22, 2012 6:36

It happened to me by chance. As that night in early September, I wrote a strange radio signals. Broadcasting was conducted at a frequency of 96.0 FM band, then I thought it would be interesting to hear in the morning. If I knew what it all will result … I guess I would never hear it.

But the next day I was horrified, including interference ether heard a man's voice, who asked for help. To hear and understand a few words. I realized that the voice of a lost record in June 2012, passenger An-2.

This disappeared in Serov with 12 passengers on board. As the man spoke of "the death of the police," or literally, "the end of the two policemen.
The policemen died … "What I immediately notified our valiant police. The most interesting is that the police have heard these words, and react to the statement seriously.
The more that are looking for the plane for three months. But then applying it never comes to that, all the information in front of the police lost.
If I took a sin and said nothing …
But, alas, my conscience to remain silent is not enough. So I did it, what would the whole story has been verified by the authorities that have resumed the search for unhappy people. Even had to be connected to this media. I think about this story many have heard.
The outcome of this story is this. Authorities concocted a fake examination of audio files, and recognized the complete absence of the human voice on the media. Although to this day I never saw the act of this "expertise."
I, alone, fully transcribed all these records. There were more than 4 hours of radio broadcasts in two days.
According to my coordinates found the expected landing site, it is in the wrong place at the distance that I have. Matched set
small parts, to know that I could not in any way, as it was known only to those who have had a direct bearing on the tragedy. Well, the truth of the fact that VHF wave reflected from the surface can overcome any distance, I can not speak.
It is a pity that our "amateurs" do not know such a simple information.
Now around my name is wild to discredit the company. The initiators of this I know, and the purpose of that is understandable.
However, there is one small "but" for me there is no mystery. I have long understood, of course this is not a "white noise", and the voice of a living person.
One for me remains a mystery why this voice on the air went out only two days 4 and 5 September 2012, and with only one night until 3:00 am?
For some reason it seems that this is due to an anomaly that was detected in the area of Alapayevsk. It burned taiga within 30 yards, knocking trees. But under the ground to this day is a large fire, around the ash. Although, there is not clear off. One thing for sure, this is not peat and coal.
Maybe that radio was made possible because of the disaster?
Now the main thing!
That is the very first radiozapis. It is fully restored me, there are no
radio interference and audible voice.
The funny thing is that this is the very mystery of which, allegedly, no.
But only you can judge. Listen carefully to the end, it's better with headphones.
You will become the first in the country, who will hear completely free of interference account of the mysterious voice.

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