NASA saw a connection between the heat in Russia and the floods in Pakistan

Two anomalous climate events of the past year — fire hazard heat in Russia and floods in Pakistan — were in hand. Both of them, though, and were observed in the regions, separated by a distance of 2.5 thousand kilometers, were caused by the same abnormal movement of atmospheric flows, scientists have identified NASA. Their research has finally confirmed the findings that in August last year shared the British meteorologist Mike Blackburn.

This is the so-called Rossby waves — moving air currents affecting the weather on the planet, writesThe Daily Mail. Usually in the summer they are all of Eurasia in four or five days. However, in August of last year over the European part of Russia frontline air traffic was blocked. This slowed the Rossby wave, preventing normal movement of weather systems.

Over Russia, a kind of center — area of stable high pressure, in which, as if in a trap, was caught by hot, dry, still air. Meanwhile, cold air masses from Siberia, the way in which the European part of the country was completely barred, was moved to the south, in the direction of Pakistan. There they met with a warm front and caused a powerful showers that fell on its territory, the deluge.

The atmosphere in this context can be described as a membrane — changes in one part will influence the other, explain the authors of the report. However, they emphasize that, although they were able to identify the connection between two seemingly unrelated to climate anomalies, many important questions remain unanswered. For example, why, exactly, happened that Rossby wave in August of 2010, refused locked? Or, that could contribute to this — some natural processes on the surface of the ground or high in the atmosphere.

Have also not console themselves conclusions NASA — because to make predictions about the Rossby waves no one has been learned. So to predict these deadly anomalies, to somehow prevent huge economic damage and loss of life, it seems to be impossible.

Loss is that in Russia, in Pakistan were truly enormous, like the newspaper. In Russia, the hottest summer in history claimed nearly 56,000 lives — people died as the unbearable closeness and burning, and in the terrible forest fires, the centers of which occurred throughout the European part of the country. The extent of damage only preliminary estimates by 15 billion rubles.

In Pakistan, the water was a total of one-fifth of its territory — approximately 307,000 square meters. The death toll was 2000 and 20 million in the general population directly affected by the disaster, which destroyed residential areas, infrastructure and farmland.

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