Navy received new electronic warfare systems

New mixed-use development of electronic warfare (EW) "infauna" and mobile automated systems "Judoka" to arsenal Airborne

"In the airborne troops are now four units of mixed-use complex electronic warfare" infauna ". In addition, the Navy is already in service and is operated by platoons EW automated complex mobile radio, radio and special monitoring the effectiveness of information and assess the electromagnetic environment on the basis of special equipment MKTK-1A "judoka", — said the representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and Information RF airborne troops, Major Irina Kruglov.

"Infauna" and "Judoka" is not the only new items, update the fleet of special equipment and units of the Airborne Troops. In the near future, in a separate special purpose airborne regiment received three of the latest model of mobile automated systems for technical monitoring on GAZ-233014 "Tiger" — said I.Kruglova.

Complex "infauna" in early 2012, has been successfully tested on the basis of one of the landing connections. After positive reviews troopers he was adopted. The complex is designed to protect equipment and personnel from the radio-controlled mines and explosive devices and to provide jamming enemy communications.

"Judoka" is designed for the detection of radio-electronic means, to identify and close technical information leakage at the sites of the Airborne Troops.

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