Navy started transfer of compounds from Central Russia to landfills SOUTH

Division of the Airborne Troops began to move from Central Russia to the landfills of the Southern Military District in the sudden inspection readiness, the Defense Ministry said on Friday. 

"With the three airfields in Central Russia has begun transfer units of the Tula Airborne and 45th separate special purpose Airborne Regiment to landfills Southern Military District, involved in conducting surprise inspections of combat readiness and combat effectiveness of troops (forces) in the south of the country," — said in a statement department.

During the night Airborne Division worked a series of practical training and combat tasks with firing on the ranges of the central region of Russia, and then, after the march ended at the standard technique of loading in the aircraft of military transport aircraft and flown to the landing area.

Landing will take place in the IL-76 on unfamiliar terrain in difficult terrain.

Amphibious units will fulfill the task of tactical orientation in unfamiliar areas, the rapid collection of landing and the move will take part in joint units with connections SOUTH practical actions to destroy the imaginary enemy.

In practical action involves about 7 thousand troops deployed to 250 armored vehicles, 50 artillery pieces, more than 20 combat aircraft and helicopters, about 30 ships for various purposes.

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