New ground failures in China

Two holes have appeared in a rice field in the village district Ziksi suites Jiangsu Province in East China around Shanghai-Kunming Highway 3 September.

A large hole appeared in Jiangxi near major highway, then the highway was closed — Xiaoxiang Morning Post reported on Sunday.

Failure of about 10 meters in diameter and 10 meters deep. Currently on the road to Yinchun Pinksyang closed in both directions. About 200 residents of the territory adjacent to the highway are afraid to return to their homes because of the failure, which appeared early in the morning on Thursday. Several houses collapsed and subsidence of the soil have a tendency to accelerate.

Some people believe that these phenomena are connected with the underground river, discovered in 2002.

China Daily

In eastern China in the village Ziksi land literally at odds "at the seams." Last Friday, in front of the driver collapsed highway. The road began to collapse on huge pieces, then subsided land. A few days later there were huge cracks.

Around the settlements continue to form new pit. Cracks up to five or more inches destroy not only expensive, but also the walls of houses. Total collapse of the 78 affected buildings. People are terrified, because their home may simply go underground. Also had problems with the receipt of drinking water. Villagers were evacuated until the circumstances.

Irina Popova

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