Night journey of the soul

February 11, 2013 13:52

Every night we have dreams. Some do not give them value and is easy to forget what he saw, and someone tries to keep his memory stories of dreams, believing that through dreams people can be warned of the danger, or notified of future success.


Events in the astral plane

The transformation of the active and vigorous man in the helplessness and vulnerability of the sleeping we direct our ancestors to believe that during sleep the soul leaves the body and goes on a night journey. In parts of Eastern Europe, people believed that the souls of sleeping people and animals every night fly in sky-high given where fighting among themselves. Soul winners bring their earthly incarnations luck and health, as well as strong and lucky, killed in combat, never to return to Earth, dooming their empty shell physical death. What you have seen in these wanderings remain in the memory of man, but is perceived as a dream. Adventures can be so wonderful and bright, such dreams people retell each other like fairy tales.
One of these tales is stored in the memory of people with VI century. This story happened to Guntramom king who ruled a small state on the banks of the Rhine. Hot summer day, the king was hunting in the forest and to the south to halt the stream. Putting protection, the king fell asleep. It was then a soldier, keep quiet, noticed the person next to the king there was a small shiny snake. Looking around, she slid into the grass and crawled to the creek.

At the coast it froze, as if undecided. The guard was very surprised the strange behavior of the snake and decided to see what would happen if to help her cross the river. He put his sword through a narrow stream, and a small snake immediately crawled over it and disappeared into unmarked mink on the opposite bank. Soon she again appeared from the undergrowth of grass and moved back. With unprecedented speed snake overcome water obstacles and distance to the sleeping king. No sooner had the guard and blink, as a brilliant snake plunged into the mouth of the autocrat, Guntram then stirred and woke up.
As can be seen, the presence of a snake in the royal body gave him no discomfort. Guntram awoke in good spirits and told the soldier that he was traveling in his sleep in a wonderful country where the trees are like giant reeds. He went through a long time, the forest until he reached the broad river, through which he could not move. But suddenly in front of him there was an iron bridge, which opened to him the way to the other side. The road led him to the cave where he found a giant treasure: silver disks stacked tall towers, huge boulders, ruby and emerald and precious hoops sized wagon wheel. The warrior looked with surprise at his king, but then dared to tell him about the little snake, traveling across the stream. Together they crossed the creek and started to dig among the ferns, where before that visited the snake. Underground treasures they found, where they were placers coins, ruby necklaces, rings and bracelets, decorated with scenes of ancient festivals. This was a treasure, which saw the soul Guntrama while he slept.

Where are the dreams

Mankind has overcome the dark Middle Ages, built a huge city, suffered a secret structure of matter, but is still in the dark, as well as what our souls are traveling while we sleep. The following story happened in the XX century. The young couple from England Harris going to buy a house. Their savings were relatively modest, but nevertheless Mrs. Harris rejected all the options on the grounds that the proposed houses were not like the house of her dreams. She often had a dream in which she went on a light spacious house, which is entirely consistent with her conception of a cozy family nest. One day his wife went to another view, but on the way his wife stopped the car, claiming to have found the same house from sleep. No reasonable argument could not stop her, she wanted to see the house immediately, not even interested in being sold or not. The house was open, and passing from room to room, Mrs. Harris predicted in advance, what they will see. Finally a woman came out to meet them, and had the agent entrusted with selling the house.
It was a great success, but the house was too big and obviously can not afford a young couple, as they told the agent.
However, to their surprise, the amount that they offered, it is settled by the seller, but did not correspond to the market value of the house. This fact is explained embarrassed agent wishes to sell the house mistress to the first people who come for the amount of their offers, as in the house of her troubled ghost. Hostess herself appeared in a few minutes and stopped in confusion at the threshold. It turns out the ghost, which is continuously passed around the house, it was like two peas similar to Mrs. Harris.

Greetings from the dead

Attempts to penetrate the mystery of dreams have been going on for centuries, and the accumulated experience of previous generations is reflected in the collections of the interpretation of dreams. With these dream books predict that promises a particular dream. So, flying in a dream has always been considered a good omen, immersion in water, in contrast, meant poverty and impending trouble. But especially was considered a bad sign to dream of a deceased person who takes you along.
The winter of 2003 a similar dream often troubled successful Moscow businessman. In the dream he saw his great-grandmother, who died 30 years ago and of which he retains a very vague memory. Baba Nura often violated nice peaceful dreams in which Mr. Smirnov seen next to her son Misha. In heir, whose appearance was preceded by long years of treatment, the father doted, so dreams involving women Nura, every time manivshey Misha for a seriously disturbed entrepreneur.
By March, a bad feeling became so strong that Mr. Smirnov for his own peace of mind decided to take a trip to Vladimir, where his great-grandmother was buried.
Despite the presence of relatives in those parts, the hometown he attended for many years. At the old town cemetery and his wife, who decided to accompany him, with hardly found an abandoned grave of his cousin. On the same day Smirnov tidied forgotten grave, went to church and light a candle for the repose. The next day they returned to the capital.
Back home, the family met with the head of the driver, who is keeping an eye on their seven-year absence Misha and took him to school. Usually calm and level-headed fellow looked depressed: the day before that he was in a serious accident, when the boy was taking after school. Unstoppable truck ran into the oncoming lane, and the collision appeared to be inevitable, but at the last moment the driver managed to regain control and prevent a terrible outcome. Smirnov machine and 6 cars that were traveling behind, were dented, but all the people, including the driver of the ill-fated truck, still alive and have not received serious injuries. The traffic police, who arrived at the scene, were surprised that the situation of victims escaped and hit thanks unknown force, which was the last time they looked away from trouble.
But the most interesting thing is that a crash is exactly coincided with the visit to the temple spouses Smirnova Vladimir. With the spring of each year the Smirnov family arrives at the tomb of Baba Nura, and she do not have to remind yourself alarming dreams.

Sleeping in your hand

Dreams are not only a topic of conversation among people far removed from science, but also a matter of considerable debate among scientists. What causes people to dream? How their content is related to reality and how you can use the information obtained in this way? To some of these questions have already been found.
Thus, exposing the analysis of multiple data received from the volunteers, the researchers came to the conclusion that dreams are a total of 12 core subjects, among which the first place belongs to the pursuit of dreams. Next are the dreams where a person was trapped or lost, as well as falling from a height. Canadian and Finnish experts believe that such dreams — is an intense psychological training of the body to prepare for the dangerous life situations.

Source: "Secrets of the twentieth century. Gold Series »№ 8

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