Night Petersburg for 23 rubles

In Saint — Petersburg summed up a night of urban bus routes that echo the lines of the underground movement. Now the nightlife of St. Petersburg and residents on weekends and holidays, and may continue regardless of the work underground.

The first night of this outing bother 500 people were glad such innovations, for which he thanked Stanislav Popov — Chairman of the Committee on Transport. He not only listens to the citizens, but also takes into account all their needs, so, for example, the extension of the route to Kupchino when the day he comes to Volkovskaya only where there is a cemetery.

Residents and visitors of the northern capital can not help wondering what finally — the officials start to do something for the convenience of people, besides taking into account the views and pozhelaniya.Munitsipalny MP — Cyril fear in the microblog said that the stops can already find a schedule of night flights , along with their numbers. Also, if you're interested schedule of all new routes, they can be viewed on the website of the transport.

For night flights were "created" new buses, which are not seen on the roads during the day, they do not differ from the others, but have a special labeling to allow to draw attention to themselves. Would like to clarify that night routes are organized in the city from July 1 and run from 12 am to 6 am, every 15 minutes.

Buses are marked with a capital "M" and the number of subway lines, by the way, the price per night "journey" is the same, and is 23 rubles, besides tickets are valid for all categories grazhdan.Tak also want to note that this decision create a daily night routes.

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