Nose potresh — past all the troubles will pass?


For many superstitions — it's just an opportunity to shift the responsibility for their mistakes by some otherworldly force

… They stick their mark sheets in the window, calling: "For free, caught a". They feel good omen immediate appearance of the desired bus. They diligently tinder different parts of the body monuments — in fact, according to the newfangled belief, "rubbing his nose Pozdeev (the artist under an umbrella on the Mira in Krasnoyarsk.. — Ed.) — Fortunately." They — a modern young people who are superstitious, no less than their great-grandfathers and prapraprababushki.

Meet the cat or the cat (of any color) — to a large fortune. And if a black cat the way you move — an unexpected profit. Do you believe?

One morning, my classmate Alina picked up the mirror. Right in her hands, it was divided into two pieces. Alina gasped and decided — secured bad luck, because she broke the mirror! All day she had all dropped out of hand, she got a few pairs at school, on the way home and fell badly bruised leg. It seemed to her that now so it will last a lifetime. In the evening, however, revealed that in fact the mirror accidentally broke my mother, but mechanically put the pieces on the table. And what about the bad luck of Alina? The next day, all vanished. Not because the "curse" was over. And because she no longer sees the trouble as a sign from above.

This is because it is more convenient to write off their failure on the set of circumstances — because then we disclaim liability. The ancient omens appeared on some specific occasions. For example, when salt was of immense value to scatter her — meant to run into a big scandal. Today, salt is cheap, but the belief remains, although few people know where it came from. The old superstition adds new!

The paradox is that about 70 percent of the students believe in "lucky penny" in UFOs, in astrological predictions, and even in that garbage can not stand in the evenings. A quarter of them told me their unusual signs, which are known only to a very narrow circle of acquaintances.

Youth arrogantly dismisses the ancient prejudices, "flipping" them. Many believe that the winning ticket to bring bad luck, find a black cat in the street — a sign of the coming of luck, and only those who believe the number thirteen "happy" — do not count. Wrenching signs "inside out", my peers and even proud of freethinking.

Some superstitions are associated with progress: received sms at night — in the morning you'll get lucky. Off — certainly miss an important call. But there are signs everyday. It turns out, see a fly in the winter — to misery, and if the clock is the same minute and hour hands, you can make a wish. Feng Shui — is also one big superstition. Girls furiously move the furniture and so addicted to it that their only pastime are changes in the apartment. You can not have a mirror hung opposite the bed: your energy supposedly goes into a parallel world. In this sense is no more than an ancient custom to put in the corner of a saucer of milk — for a brownie. The same irrational desire to "appease" the spirits (whether domestic or chi energy).

But you sense and superstition — are incompatible.

Vyacheslav RYABCHENOK.
Photo by Elena Evelson

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