Novosibirsk liligrenok broken leg, not because of genetics — expert

Liligrenok (a cross between a lion and ligritsy), born in August in Novosibirsk Zoo, recently broke his leg because of his activity, any defects due to its uniqueness, the animal has not, told RIA Novosti Head of Section feline Rose Solovyov.

Liligrenok Kiara — not just a hybrid of different cat species, and such a hybrid calf. Her mother — a Liger named Zita — was born in 2004 in Novosibirsk zoo of tigress and lion. Growing up, Zita, let a lion to him, and they August 16 this year, born kitten, which unofficially dubbed liligrenkom. Today liligritsa Kiara — the pride of the Novosibirsk zoo and one of the most beloved citizens of its inhabitants. She looks much like her mother — in liligritsy same color the whole body, which at the same time there are signs of a lion and a tiger.

Unsuccessfully jumped

In November Kiara damaged front leg — there was a fracture the middle segment of the right forearm bones with a significant angular displacement. Surgeons Novosibirsk veterinary clinic "Enimalz" conducted a successful operation, they put the broken radius and ulna in place and secured with titanium plates with a score of titanium screws.

"This is a very active kid, too mobile. I think she unsuccessfully jumped there in the pen slide in the form of stones, in fact, it is made of plaster. At the time, I was not there. When I was in the cell and saw that she tries to jump off, then remove it from there, or distracting toys "- said Solovyov.

According to her, it occurred in the evening or at night, in the morning Kiara is lame in one leg.

"Three days before the operation, she was lying, foot licking, complained, cried, took care of the foot, limping on three legs. After surgery, it was also painful for three days, and then the foot is less and less sick, and it is now we just jumps" — said the interviewee.

Second operation will not

Currently liligritse limited space to keep the animal and give time to the bones grow together, but keep it in place more and more difficult. Kiara she has forgotten everything.

"These titanium plates will remain with her for life. They put in the middle of the bone and the bone grows from the joints. And we're not completely bone wrapped in the plate, and partly imposed. Therefore bone growth they will not interfere," — said Solovyov.

Liligrenka surgeon operated veterinary clinic "Enimalz" Yevgeny Kozlov, who has many years of experience in exotic inhabitants of Novosibirsk Zoo.

"Eugene Matveevich today, by the way, also helps the zoo. Took his goat, also injured leg," — said the interviewee.

Meat, mice, vitamins

Head of Section cat insists that such an injury could get any other animal.

"It may be said that the hybrid, weak bones, rickets — no! Believe me, they are from the other animals are no different," — said Solovyov.

She reported that ligritsa Zita bones never broke, her daughter gets the necessary vitamins in her diet of meat, heart, liver, live food — mice, rats, rabbits. In the case of liligrenkom term "live" is not quite correct, Kiara is not able to quickly kill the mouse can escape, and the rats and bite the baby.

"Not every zoo provide a live feed. Even in our best given or small, or those who are ill, or pregnant, or more valuable. Babes who we pick up from moms, we pay more attention," — said the interviewee.

According to her, other health problems Kiara was not. "But with the behavior … would be quieter — did not break a leg. This is such a ball of energy, it is very similar to my mom," — said Solovyov.

Constantly calling play

Solovyov said that ligritse Zita, who as a child loved to sleep on a soft, in the age of three months to put the cage seat. A week later, carried pieces of wood, pieces of foam and cloth.

"You would think that this is not a three-month baby ripped a big raging tigress. Similar and Kiara. It is constantly in motion — calling, draws attention to play with it, to caress, to communicate, to love her. But of course all the scratches, bites. Sometimes you want it to quietly sat, take her to handle, pat, but this does not happen, "- she said.

Section chief reported that liligrenka mother's health is not complaining, very active, endlessly playing, jumping. Big cat is sleeping on the snow under it even snow vytaivaet.

"We do not let her to the male, because they can get the kids, but they want to communicate. Not that she is in heat, but in general. So she next runs, it attracts. His play calling," — said the interviewee.

According to her, the little Kiara, who now lives in the warm hall, move to outdoor enclosure approximately April 20, give or take a week, depending on the weather.

"As soon as the daytime temperature does not drop below plus five, and on the ground zero degrees — so we still measure the temperature on the ground — then most of the animals of the pavilions are planted on the street" — explained Soloviev.

The Novosibirsk Zoo is a tradition: the various enterprises and organizations with financial help contain specific types of animals. Have a sponsor and ligritsy. Head of Section feline reported that liligrenka yet no sponsor.

Information on how to Ligers ever born offspring, Solovyov, as she had previously told me not have.

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