Olga Neklyaeva: Before my husband will not let the doctor


Sous: Mr. Vladimir probably do not know about the decision of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU visa ban to restore 158 representatives of the Belarusian regime in response to the post-election crackdown and arrests in Belarus? Are you eligible to retell him about it?

Neklyaeva: I have the right. On me, these conditions do not apply. I can and will go out and see and talk to him on any topic.

Sous: Does Nyaklyayeu informed about international reaction to the repression in Belarus?

Neklyaeva: That's all I tell him every day that I remember — just tell. Of course, he knew nothing, because there could not obtain such information.

Sous: The lawyer said that you husband had 4 hypertensive crisis with the conclusion, and now still feels not very easy. Did Vladimir Neklyaev head shot? Can he under house arrest to ask for a full medical care? Is it possible to conduct a comprehensive study, to receive appropriate treatment?

Neklyaeva: Doctor to it can not come. They said that I can talk to the doctor to describe his condition, and he will prescribe medication in absentia as taking and I'll control it. But we will write to him to see the doctor. Homes him better. When he arrived, I complained that the headache. Said he did not remember anything. And just for the head doctor must prescribe medication.

Sous: Or he wrote in prison? What you write?

Neklyaeva: I passed the paper, hoping that he would write. But he said that it was impossible to concentrate. Small camera and five men.

Sous: Or he writes something at home? Or view the KGB that he wrote?

Neklyaeva: Something writes. In such circumstances there is to see. But he does not give it, he can not pass.

Sous: What is allowed Vladimir Neklyaev under house arrest, and what is forbidden?

Neklyaeva: Prohibition of going out, talking on the phone, no one can enter the house, you can not listen to the radio, use a computer, may have forgotten that. TV you can watch. Allowed to talk to me, is permitted to rest, everything else is allowed.

Sous: Do you have at home all the time KGB. Do they change? Or are your things? Utensils, linens, sorry for the delicate detail, the bathroom, the toilet paper?

Neklyaeva: Varies. Now the third pair has already come. Every day new. Our things do not enjoy. Tea I suggest itself to them.

Sous: From what you told before, you do not have to clash with the KGB agents who live in your apartment, even suggested that they have dinner and tea. Why did you decide to behave this way and not completely distance himself from them?

Neklyaeva: I still was not enough to home I had a confrontation! It is enough that I am in such a state and a half months was. I want my husband had a normal atmosphere.

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