On Lake Labynkyr found evidence of a monster

September 23, 2012 16:06

Russian scientists call on the international community to undertake a comprehensive study of karst lakes Labynkyr in eastern Yakutia, near the world famous Oymyakon.

Photos from the unknown object in the lake Labynkyr. But the main thing is the sonar readings.

Underwater radar recorded it big movable object about 10 meters in length. It is assumed that this is — a living creature. He's British, it has already received the name "Ness".

Lyudmila Emelyanov, Associate Professor of Moscow State University, said the publication of «Siberian times» (yes, there is such a newspaper) that the scientific expedition found in the lake "several very large submerged objects." "This was our fourth or fifth day on the lake, when the sounders have registered a huge object in the water right under our boat. The object was very dense, homogeneous structure, clearly neither fish nor fish can not, and are above the bottom "? she said.

On the sonar screen strange object

"I was very surprised, but not shocked, since we have not seen the very essence, but only registered a strange object in the water? the expert continues. ? But I can clearly say, as a scientist, I do not suppose it was for the object. "

Meanwhile, every day the story of the Yakut "Ness" acquires new details. Thus, according to the two fishermen, once the nose of their 10-foot boat began to rise, as if someone had pushed her out of the water. Because it was a heavy boat, it could only make such a huge and powerful animal. Fishermen numb with fear. But they did not see anything, neither head nor jaws.

Curiously, living in those parts of Yakutia and Evenkia long argued about the existence of the underwater monster in the lake, often called "lake devil." "Personally, I believe that when something strange about circulating among the local population for many years, it just can not be unreasonable, then something is there,? said Dr. Emelianov. ? I know very well the locals: they are simple, but true. "

Another unusual fact there was a group of geologists, fishing on the lake with a boat. Seeing the huge head of a creature, the fishermen raised the cry. Located on the shore of their colleagues opened fire with rifles, but the creature was too far away.

Despite the proximity to the "pole of cold", the lake does not freeze completely in the winter. At this point there is much speculation that the lake is inhabited by ichthyosaurs, prehistoric marine reptiles that need to breathe. Therefore, they support open water on the lake. Another version has it that the lake there are killer whales that appeared there, when it was part of the sea. Some even allegedly heard that "creature" publishes disgusting primal scream when attacking their prey.

"I think that in this lake is a mystery, because it's smoke there's fire"? summarizes Emelyanov.

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