On Moscow fall storm Katia

On Moscow fall storm "Kate."  Photo :: world.comments.uaAfter a series of rainfall in the metropolitan area, when he fell to half of the monthly norm, there will be little respite. By Tuesday evening again expected worsening weather.

According to the Met Office, the main expert of Moscow and region Tatyana Pozdnyakova, repeating past anomalies in the near future will be, but by Tuesday evening with the weather situation will deteriorate again.

— Late last week, the passing in the metropolitan region of the cyclone added remnants of tropical storm — said Pozdnyakova. — This is the same storm that brought down their strength to America and then went to Canada, across the Atlantic and on to the Continent. Despite the long road to energy power has reached the capital region. Therefore, on Saturday and Sunday dropped a lot of rainfall. For example, in Moscow was closed daily record rainfall — 35 mm, despite the fact that the monthly rate for September in the metropolitan area — 65 mm. In the north region, Dmitrov, the rate has been exceeded in half, here fell to 80 mm.

During the first half of Monday and Tuesday's weather will be mostly rain, but quite windy. Then to fit the new capital of the cyclone, which join to the environment "remains" storm "Kate", watered by rain at the end of last week the Western and Eastern Europe.

— The most difficult situation is in the Kaliningrad region and the Kola Peninsula, but the capital impact of the storm would get anyway — explained Pozdnyakova. — So, on Wednesday and Thursday, we expect rain, wind and very cold air.

The temperature in Moscow at night no more than eight at night to +16 degrees. This weather will stay until the end of the week. Therefore, the "Indian Summer" is not necessary to wait before the twentieth of the month.

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