Ornithologists have found drunk waxwings near Petersburg

Ornithologists observe the behavior of birds in St. Petersburg and its suburbs, revealed no abnormalities in the behavior of the waxwings, which, according to media reports, behave inappropriately because fermented rowan, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday Sc.D., Chairman of the St. Petersburg Georgy Ornithological Society socks.

The day before in some media reported that in located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland Sestroretsk waxwings, after eating fermented rowan, stopped flying in a straight path, hit a snag and fall to the ground.

"We are watching them. Okay. On the northern shore of the Gulf are always large concentrations of birds. No deviation there but the fact that their (waxwings) a lot this year. Birds behave well enough — they come off down to peck fallen berries "- said Sox.

According to ornithologist, forest birds have eaten all the rowan tree and are now appearing in towns and along roads, where it has remained. "They will eat it and then fly on to the south-west," — said the scientist.

Waxwing — a small bird with a grayish-pink crest on the head and a black spot on my throat. Waxwings usually keep large flocks and feed on berries, buds of trees and shrubs.

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