Parents of Irina Khalip KGB forbade talk to the press

Vladimir Khalip and Lucyna Belzatskoy, parents journalist Irina Khalip KGB forbidden to talk to the press.

This is BelaPAN According to Vladimir Khalip.

On He said, KGB officials warned the journalist that if her parents did not stop giving interviews, Irina itself "are big trouble."

"Therefore, in order not to harm Irene and her son, our grandson Danilo, while we refrain from contact with the press. Think of it as a temporary time-out", — said Vladimir Khalip.

Recall, January 29 Irina Khalip has changed the measure of restraint on house arrest. Khalip, the wife of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, is accused on charges of rioting in Minsk on December 19 2010.

The wife of another prisoner of the KGB, transferred to house arrest, Vladimir Neklyaeva, Olga, contact the press is not banned.

January 31, Vladimir and Olga Khalip Neklyaeva were guests of night broadcast of Radio Liberty.

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