Patriarch of Moscow: The aliens are not important to the Russian Orthodox Church


Question about aliens, the possibility of which is willing to admit the head of the Vatican's astronomical observatory, is not important for the Russian Orthodox Church, as it has no relation to its mission — to save the human soul. This was stated by RIA "Novosti" Secretary for Inter-Christian Relations of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate (DECR) Rev. Igor Vyzhanov.

Representative of the Church said so viewpoint director of the Vatican observatory priest Gabriel Funes, who said the other day that "probably believe in God and Aliens", "recognize the existence of other worlds, even more advanced than ours, without calling into question the belief in creation, incarnation, and redemption. "

Igor Vyzhanov statements Vatican astronomer named "private opinion of the individual," which can not be taken for the position of the Catholic Church as a whole.

"This issue, in my opinion, is not related to the core mission of the church, which is for the salvation of the human soul," — said Vyzhanov.

According to him, to talk about aliens can only be "abstract and speculative," so the question itself seems to be a priest "idle curiosity."

"And what, in fact, it? Now, if indeed there was a real fact — a spaceship landed and aliens out there — then we would have to talk seriously about how the church relates to this, "- said the representative of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Responding to a question on the usefulness of a meeting with the aliens advance Vyzhanov said that humanity is now still can not prepare for earthquakes or tsunamis that claim thousands of lives and wants to prepare for "any fantasies."

"Why in the XIV and XV centuries, not talk about it? It's a fantasy that got it into his head to man when it became technically possible to aeronautics. This very topic is due to purely technical progress, not an objective reality, or necessity, "- said Vyzhanov.

He suggested that if brought together theologians — and Orthodox and Catholic — to discuss the possibility of the existence of aliens from the point of view of the church, then there are a variety of views. "Some will say, how can we limit the action of God? Others will argue that civilization on Earth is a unique creation of God, "- said the source.

As for the ratios of the various theories of extraterrestrial civilizations with the biblical doctrine of creation and the history of the world, then, according to Vyzhanov, "The Bible is not required to describe the technical details of the creation of the world."

"It is a logic of Scripture and its purpose — communication with God, to bring man to God, the salvation of souls. The Bible does not say about the structure of atoms and molecules on the TV, on the Internet and mobile phones that we use today. The Bible — it's not a channel Discovery », — concluded the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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