Put into operation the first factory for the production of dry mixes gypsum-based

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There has been one of the most anticipated events of the year on the market dry mixes Ukraine. October 10 of 2011 Investment and Industrial Group Master launched a new, modern plant. The first, and only for today, fully Ukrainian factory for the production of dry construction mixtures on the basis of gypsum.

The market for gypsum-based compounds is attractive to many manufacturers and importers of dry mixes in Ukraine, and to gain a foothold in this market for a long time and have tried a lot of companies will try. However, only Master IPG failed to realize the end of the Ukrainian investment project for the construction of production facilities, bringing them into operation, and the mass production of finished products. The plant, with total capacity of 120,000 tons per year, based on the production of a large number of SKUs, first of all demand in the market plaster, putty, glue mixtures gypsum-based — today manufactures products day by day increasing volumes of production.

In the near future plaster mixes the trademark "Master» (TM Master) will be distributed over the entire territory of Ukraine through the largest dealer network in the country. The company did not doubt that the products of the new plant will become as recognizable and popular as a mixture of "Master" cement-based, which for many years occupied a leading position in the market of Ukraine.

Investment and Industrial Group "wizard" makes construction finishing materials since 1997. All production is concentrated in the Odessa area of over 50 thousand square meters Plant for the production of plaster, is the third, but not least, put into operation by the Master, which produces dry mixes, and fourth in the total number of production facilities by Master. Two plants for the production of master mixes, cement-based, annual capacity of 60 and 140 tons, respectively, supplemented by the plant for the production of insulation — mineral wool on the basis of basalt "MasterRok» (TM Master Rock).

All manufacturing companies are working at full capacity seven days a week, which is the best evidence of demand for the brand Master in Ukraine. Total range of more than 200 items of products. Top quality products, a deep understanding of the market situation, professional work with clients, a systematic approach to the entire process, from procurement of raw materials for the production to the needs of the appearance of the product on the shelves and shelves — that's the key to success, a sign of confidence and credibility among market participants . And this is all that is accustomed to associate with the word "Master".

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