Put into operation the gas turbine power gensets Ural-4000 on the Lukoil-Perm

On Iyichevck field "Lukoil-Perm" commissioned GTES "Ural-4000" Development of "Aircraft Engine".

Implemented by the company "Lukoil-Perm" own generation project involves the phased construction of a gas turbine power plant at the CDNG-10 (shop for oil and gas) Ilyichevsky field, located in the north Kungurskoye area, total power capacity of 16 MW with delivery of electric power in parallel to the grid.

The project provides for the installation of four modular gas turbine power plant "Ural-4000" produced by "Aircraft Engine" made in full operational readiness, five block modular compressor stations manufactured by "NOEMI", an automated process control system, genset.

Feature of the project is to adapt the gas turbine power plant "Ural-4000", created on the basis of GTU-4P, and booster station to work on the oil associated gas with a high content of hydrogen sulfide without pre-cleaning.

To adapt the GTU-4P to the conditions of deposit Ilyichevsky Perm engine builders carried out a number of structural modifications on the engine, designed to change the materials and the manufacture of protective coatings of high pressure turbine blades. This will operate the gas turbine power plant at APG with a high content of hydrogen sulfide without the use of expensive desulfurization systems.

Currently, the field is commissioning a second power plant "Ural-4000", the third and fourth gas turbine prepared for shipment to the customer and will be transferred to the "Lukoil-Perm" in May — June.

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